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  • James Camerons Aliens Celebrates 31 Years of Action Hero Ripley

    first_imgDepending on who you ask, the best Alien film is celebrating a birthday today. James Cameron’s action-packed follow-up to Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi horror flick turns 31 year’s old today. To this day, there’s still debate over which one is the better movie. The truth is though; it really doesn’t matter. Cameron did something entirely different from Scott, adding his own spin to the series while remaining faithful to the original.Aliens, which premiered on July 18, 1986, was an action movie. Instead of a single alien hunting down a spaceship full of miners, it was a whole colony of aliens taking on a crew of colonial marines. The playing field was more even. The marines now had weapons at their disposal that could easily kill the xenomorphs. That’s not to say the scares were gone completely. H.R. Giger’s body horror was still all over this movie, further fleshing out (ha) the xenomorph biology.Of course, we still haven’t mentioned Aliens’ most valuable contribution to the sci-fi world. It solidified Ellen Ripley into an action hero. In the first movie, she was mostly trying to escape from the alien until the final scene. In Aliens, she actively fought back. In a single movie, she became the coolest action hero of the ’80s (earning Sigourney Weaver an Oscar nomination in the process). There are a ton of great lines in the movie (“They mostly come out at night. Mostly.” and “Game over, man! Game over!” come to mind), but there’s a reason Ripley’s “Get away from her, you bitch!” is its most iconic. It’s the point where she becomes the sci-fi action hero she was always meant to be. Ripley was always one of the best-written women in sci-fi, but this one moment distilled everything that made her great into one shot. Plus, that mech suit is still the coolest thing ever put on screen. We still want one 31 years later.Here are 31 Ripleys to help you celebrate!View as: One Page Slides1. Jason Palmer2. Kreugan3. Chris Samnee4. Paul Jackson5. Brooke Regalado6. Rachel Petrovicz7. Daniel Murray8. ap6y39. Bene Hayes10. Kevin Wada11. 100% Soft12. skyblep13. Rachel J Pierce14. Gabriel Hardman15. Basils Hallward16. Ellinor/CurvedCat17. Alex Roca18. Nora Bean19. Nan Lawson20. Hey Moster21. Harriet-Julia22. Steven Lewis23. Ash Baharin24. Ohhh Dis!25. Otto Schmidt26. Adele K Thomas27. Glynrick28. Mixmaster Angel29. Jonathan B. Perez 30. Patt Kelley31. J GasstonLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more