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  • HGK: The situation in tourism is improving, but everything will depend on the results in the peak season

    first_imgU vezi najave poskupljenja ulaznica u nacionalne parkove, Pende je rekao kako je stav Ministarstva turizma da od visokih cijena koje su nerealne u ovoj situaciji nitko nema koristi. No, nema baš sluha u ‘jakim’ parkovima da redefiniraju stavove i ponude prihvatljivije cijene pa će se oko toga još razgovarati s Ministarstvom zaštite okoliša. If the favorable epidemiological situation continues, Croatia could achieve better results than estimated, and tourist traffic in the crucial summer part of the season will depend on whether and what measures are needed to preserve jobs and recover tourism. In conclusion, everyone agreed that everyone together must be responsible and communicate well and be coordinated within the entire tourism sector and beyond. Tourist traffic has been launched, borders are open, and the next steps are to explain to everyone the conditions of entry and stay in the Republic of Croatia and we must all work together to survive this year, which will not be easy for anyone. “Ministarstvo turizma je u HBOR kredite usmjerilo 600 milijuna kuna, a kako je stiglo jako puno zahtjeva taj iznos je premašen, jer su mislili kreditirati na tri godine, a ljudi su tražili tri plus dvije i sada moramo vidjeti kako to pojačati”, Pende said, adding that the problem is that people have not yet received the money, and the one-month procedure is too long. The situation is similar with Hamag Bicro loans, through which HRK 26 million was redirected and placed on the market. “In any case, we must find new funds for the needs of the market and for those who may be late with the call and for those who were not initially included in these programs such as car rentals, health tourism, clinics. We need new allocations and new funds to reschedule loans as much as possible in order to obtain funds as soon as possible.”, Pende said, adding that he is sure that a significant part of the announced 10 billion euros, which the European Commission has yet to confirm to repair the damage to the economy caused by the coronavirus, will be directed to tourism. Žgomba, on the other hand, announced that it had been agreed with the leasing companies to make a joint document and to go on a moratorium for up to 12 months. Odgovarajući na pitanja o Cro kartici i nedoumicama oko nje, Pende je rekao kako se po zadnjim informacijama u to uključilo sedam banaka te je naručeno prvih 40 tisuća kartica za početak srpnja te vjeruje da će se s tim krenuti. “To je dugoročni projekt, u koji će se s vremenom uključivati više pružatelja usluga i bit će za više ‘vrsta’ zaposlenika, po novom uključujući i državne i javne službenike, a očekuje se da će u tome biti i privatni smještaj, što sada nije jer nemaju pos terminale za plaćanje karticama“, rekao je. Staničić se pak nadovezao rekavši kako će HTZ, uz već aktivne kampanje za strana, pokrenuti kampanju i za domaće tržište, a kada Ministarstvo odluči i za promociju Cro kartice, za što smo su sredstva osigurana.  The current situation in tourism is much better than it was just a week or two ago. More than 40 guests are currently vacationing in Croatia, of which 12 are locals, and in addition we have 90 applications from foreigners who just want to come. Cro card planned for early July Pende je najavio da će idućeg tjedna na Vladi biti odluka da se u CRO kraticu uključe i usluge putničkih agencija te charter tvrtki (najam plovila), a razmišlja se i o online agencijama. No, najvažnije je da svi uključeni osiguraju popuste za domaće turiste. Photo Poreč Port Authority A number of questions related to CES measures for preserving jobs and benefits for June (4.000 kuna) and whether there will be extensions of that measure, and Pende says that this will be better known at the end of the summer, as well as for some other measures. “As for the situation at the borders, they are open with most EU countries, which is ultimately our strongest emitting market, and for those countries where there are still restrictions. “, Pende stressed, adding that he would seek liberalization of the measures. “We expect this situation to be resolved in a week in order to start a more serious tourist season. “, he said, noting that citizens from third countries can enter the Republic of Croatia provided that they have a confirmation of booking accommodation and after filling out the entire form through the application that speeds up the border crossing process for all foreign citizens.  Problematika turističkog prijevoza autobusima također muči agencije, ali Pende, koji je i član stožera za civilnu zaštitu, najavljuje kako će inicirati temu preporuka i mjera za turistički prijevoz autobusima, jer preporuke nisu jasne, a već dolaze i strani autobusi. Dodao je i kako se za koji dan mogu očekivati i preporuke HZJZ-a za kruzersku industriju i još neke neobrađene segmente turizma.  Stanicic also believes that the resumption of air traffic will help Croatian tourism and destinations, especially Dubrovnik, which is quite dependent on air arrivals of tourists, but also Split to be more accessible. Stanicic explained that the application is not a condition and mandatory, but guests will wait less at the borders. “When everything is completed, when reading the passport, everything is seen that was entered through the application, and the customs officer can ask for proof of reservation. The application is also adapted for tourist groups, but regardless of that, each passenger in the group must be registered, but there can only be one contact person. Despite the pandemic, Croatia has additionally positioned itself as a safe and desirable tourist destination due to the excellent epidemiological situation on the international market. “, said Staničić, adding that in recent years Croatia has positioned itself as an air destination, which is now especially important when we have to fight for our share in the tourist market with our offer, safety, but also traffic accessibility, so most flights are announced for the second half of June. and the beginning of July for the airports of Split and Dubrovnik and Zadar, Pula, Zagreb and Rijeka. These are the conclusions of yesterday online conference of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce “Travel agencies and coronavirus: yesterday, today, tomorrow?” koju je moderirao predsjednik Udruženja putničkih agencija HGK Boris Žgomba, koji je, zajedno s pomoćnikom ministra turizma i člana Stožera civilne zaštite Robertom Pendeom  i direktorom Glavnog ureda Hrvatske turističke zajednice Kristjanom Staničićem, sudjelovao i u panel raspravi. last_img read more