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  • Phish Approves 8 Songs For New Jersey State Parks Promo Videos [Watch]

    first_img[H/T Jeff MacMullen; Photo: Andrew Scott Blackstein] Phish has always been fairly hesitant to lend their music for commercial use, though occasionally, a track will pop-up unexpectedly on television or the radio. However, Jeff MacMullen of the New Jersey State Parks just clued us in that Phish granted the New Jersey park system permission to use their music for a number of online promotional clips. Each video in the eight-video series highlights a different state park in New Jersey, providing facts about the area as well as high-definition drone footage of each park’s most scenic attractions.Ben & Jerry’s To Host “Phish In The North Country” Exhibit For Phish Food’s 20th AnniversaryThe first of these videos was released on Tuesday, showcasing the natural beauty of New Jersey’s High Point State Park and pairing the footage with Phish’s “You Enjoy Myself”. Other songs to be featured during the promotional series include “Party Time”, “Divided Sky”, “Harry Hood”, “Glide”, “Guyute”, “Cars Trucks Buses”, and “Fuego”. MacMullen noted that the remaining seven videos in the series will be released weekly, with the videos going up on the New Jersey State Parks’ Facebook and Instagram each Wednesday.last_img read more