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  • Pence’s press secretary back to work after recovering from COVID-19

    first_imgUS Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller said on Tuesday she was back at work after recovering from COVID-19, a case that helped encourage White House officials to start wearing masks and take stricter safety precautions around President Donald Trump.Miller, who is married to Trump’s hawkish immigration adviser and speech writer Stephen Miller, said she had returned after receiving three negative tests for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.”Thank you to all my amazing doctors and everyone who reached out with support. I couldn’t have done it without my amazing husband who took great care of his pregnant wife,” she said in a post on Twitter. Miller contracted the virus in early May, raising alarm about the spread of the virus among Trump’s and Pence’s inner circle shortly after the president’s valet had also tested positive.The two cases prompted the White House to direct staff to wear masks and take additional precautions.Previously, despite admonitions to Americans to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines, many administration officials were not doing so themselves at least at the White House, where testing has been taking place regularly.”We’re very happy to see her recovered,” White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany told reporters about the vice president’s press secretary.McEnany said Stephen Miller was also back at work after having self-quarantined. She said she did not know whether the military valet had returned and said she had no updates on whether anyone else on the staff had tested positive.Trump, 73, is in an age group considered especially vulnerable to the virus. He has declined to wear a mask in public and has stepped up his travel schedule in recent weeks as he seeks to get the country’s economy reignited from its pandemic-related shutdown.  Topics :last_img read more

  • Durant’s history after injuries says he’ll excel for Warriors Monday

    first_imgIf we’ve learned anything from Kevin Durant’s previous injuries in his career, we shouldn’t expect a drop off in offensive production Monday night when he returns for Game 5 of the NBA Finals.Whether returning from a fractured foot, an ankle sprain, MCL sprain, tibial bone bruise, twisted ankles, strained hamstrings or a strained calf, Durant’s jumper has always been as good as new.Actually, he’s been even better.There have been five instances when injuries forced Durant to miss at least …last_img

  • FIFA World Cup 2014: Six-fingered family roots for Brazil’s 6th World Cup

    first_imgA family is counting on the fingers of a single hand its hopes for Brazil to win a sixth World Cup championship.Members of the Silva family, back row, from left, Silvia Santos, Joao de Assis, Pedro de Assis, Ana Carolina Santos and Silvana Santos, front row, Bernardo de Assis, left, and Maria Morena Santos, pose for a photo in their home to show that they each have six fingers on each of their hands, in Brasilia, Brazil, Thursday, June 19, 2014.All the members of the Silva family living in Aguas Claras, a town on the outskirts of the capital of Brasilia, were born with an extra digit on each hand as a result of a genetic condition known as polydactyly.Rather than recoil in the face of stares by curious onlookers, the 14 members of the family spanning four generations seem to embrace their physical difference with pride.And that pride never shines more brightly than during the World Cup as they relish the attention of Brazilian media, which have trained cameras on the family as much of the South America nation crosses its fingers hoping the national team will add to its record five World Cup titles.”Since the last World Cup we wanted Brazil to become hexacampeao,” said Ana Carolina Santos da Silva, using the Portuguese term for “six-time champion” that would be the envy of the soccer world. “But it didn’t happen, so this year we really want Brazil to achieve the sixth.”Silvia Santos, facing camera, embraces her daughter Ana Carolina at their home in Brasilia, Brazil.Far from a hindrance, having an extra finger seems to help the Silva family perform domestic chores and pursue musical talents.advertisementFourteen-year-old Joao de Assis da Silva shows off his dexterity moving up and down his guitar’s fret board.His 8-year-old cousin, Maria Morena da Silva, has dreams of making music too. “I have never played the piano, but I want to learn, and it might be easier playing with six fingers,” she says.last_img read more

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation

    first_imgDefinitionPhysical medicine and rehabilitation are services that can help people regain body functions they lost due to medical conditions or injury.Rehabilitation can help many body functions, including bowel and bladder problems, chewing and swallowing, problems thinking or reasoning, movement or mobility, speech, and language.Alternative Names RehabilitationInformationMany injuries or medical conditions can affect your ability to function:Brain disorders, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsyChronic pain, including back and neck painMajor bone or joint surgery, severe burns, or limb amputationSevere arthritis becoming worse over timeSevere weakness after recovering from a serious illness (such as infection or heart failure or respiratory failure)Spinal cord injury or brain injuryChildren may need rehabilitation services for:Down syndrome or other genetic disordersIntellectual disabilityMuscular dystrophy or other neuromuscular disordersSensory deprivation disorder, autism, or developmental disordersSpeech disorders and language problemsPhysical medicine and rehabilitation services also include sports medicine and injury prevention.WHERE REHABILITATION IS DONEA patient can have rehabilitation in many settings. It will often begin while they are still in the hospital, recovering from an illness or injury. Sometimes it begins before someone has planned surgery.After the patient leaves the hospital, treatment may continue at a special inpatient rehabilitation center. A patient may be transferred to this type of center if they have significant orthopedic problems, burns, a spinal cord injury, or severe brain injury from stroke or trauma.Rehabilitation often also takes place in a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation center outside of a hospital.Many people who are recovering eventually go home to continue their therapy. You may visit the office of your physical medicine physician and other health professionals. Sometimes, a therapist will come to your home. Family members or other caregivers must also be available to help.advertisementWHAT REHABILITATION DOESThe goal of rehabilitation therapy can be small or large. A patient may need to learn how to take care of themselves as much as possible, especially to do tasks such as eating, bathing, using the bathroom, and moving themselves from a wheelchair to a bed.They may need to restore full function to one or more parts of their body.Rehabilitation experts use many tests to evaluate a patient?s problems and monitor their recovery.The patient may need a full rehabilitation program and treatment plan to help with medical, physical, social, emotional, and professional problems. The rehabilitation focus often goes beyond the part of the body that was injured, in order to help the patient recover.The patient may need:Therapy for specific medical problemsAdvice about setting up their home to maximize their function and safetyHelp with wheelchairs, splints, and other medical equipmentHelp with financial and social issuesFamily and caregivers may also need help adjusting to their loved one?s condition and knowing where to find resources in the community.THE REHABILITATION TEAMPhysical medicine and rehabilitation is a team approach. Team members will be doctors, nonphysician health professionals, the patient, and their family or caregivers.Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors receive 4 or more extra years of training in this type of care after they have finished medical school. They are also called physiatrists.Other types of doctors that may be members of a rehabilitation team include neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, psychiatrists, and primary care doctors.Nonphysician health professionals may be occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language therapists, social workers, vocational counselors, nurses, psychologists, and dietitians or nutritionists.Review Date:2/28/2012Reviewed By:Luc Jasmin, MD, PhD, Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, and Department of Anatomy at UCSF, San Francisco, CA. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc.last_img read more

  • Cane Roads to be Improved

    first_imgImprovement works will be carried out on cane haul roads in the parishes of Trelawny and St. James.They are the Spring Valley to Deeside road in Trelawny and the Flamstead to Garlands road in St. James.This follows Cabinet’s approval of a $119-million contract to Stone Plus Limited.Speaking at yesterday’s (July 11) post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, said this is in keeping with the Sugar Transformation Programme.The programme seeks to strengthen the sugar cane sector’s commercial competitiveness and the socio-economic development of sugar-dependent areas, and facilitate support for the national environment policy.The programme is intended to develop a sustainable private sector-led sugar industry and coordinate the smooth and effective implementation of the Jamaica Country Strategy for the Adaptation of the Sugar Industry – 2006 to 2020.last_img read more