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  • Governors Look for PTC Extension Now, Subsidy Repeal Later

    first_imgHome Energy Governors Look for PTC Extension Now, Subsidy Repeal Later Facebook Twitter Western governors are among the latest to ask for an extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy. Without action – the credit will expire at the end of the month. Western governors wrote in a letter to the U.S. House and Senate leaders that extending the credit now is critical to achieving the country’s clean energy goals, building the nation’s manufacturing base, creating jobs, lowering energy costs and strengthening domestic energy security. Continued policy uncertainty – they said – would lead to the loss of American jobs. Utah Governor Gary Herbert – Chairman of the Western Governors’ Association – and Vice Chairman John Hickenlooper – Governor of Colorado – say the PTC is vital to the near-term future of renewable energy production across the nation. But they agree the credit should not exist in perpetuity. The Governors believe the short-term extension should be coupled with a broader conversation about revisiting all energy-related tax credits. They say no one energy company or energy source should receive preferential treatment from the government – and believe repealing all federal energy subsidies is the preferred approach.Source: NAFB News Service Facebook Twitter By Andy Eubank – Dec 12, 2012 SHARE Governors Look for PTC Extension Now, Subsidy Repeal Later SHARE Previous articleGenetics and Traits Performed Well in 2012Next articleSeed Consultants Market Watch 1:11 update with Gary Wilhelmi 12/12/2012 Andy Eubanklast_img read more

  • Dissident condemns Chinese leadership of Interpol

    first_img April 7, 2017 – Updated on August 23, 2019 Dissident condemns Chinese leadership of Interpol News News ChinaAsia – Pacific Meng Hongwei had been a loyal member of the Chinese Communist Party for more than 40 years when he was elected in November 2016 as president of Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, which is based in the French city of Lyon. When Meng was China’s deputy minister of public security, human rights organizations repeatedly accused his department of grave human rights violations including the use of torture, arbitrary detention and the suppression of human rights.One of the chief reasons for concern about Meng’s appointment is the system of “red notices” that Interpol circulates to all member countries to notify them that an arrest warrant has been issued by a judicial authority in a member country or by an international court. In 2015, Interpol issued around 100 of these notices about individuals wanted by the Chinese authorities without it being clear whether Interpol was able to verify their legitimacy and the absence of any political dimension to the case. Interpol is currently looking for a total of 160 persons who are wanted by the Chinese authorities for “fraud”, an extremely vague accusation that China often uses as grounds for arresting government opponents and political refugees.“Normally, if you live under a dictatorship, you can flee to another country. But I am afraid that, as a result of this appointment, all police forces will cooperate with the Chinese government.” the dissident Wei said at a news conference in Lyon on 5 April that was organized for him by the newspaper Lyon Capitale.Speaking to RSF, Wei Jingsheng pointed out that Beijing now has access to sensitive informations it didn’t have before and that “The appointment of Meng Hongwei indicated that Interpol has strengthened its cooperation with the Chinese government. Through the propaganda and misleading of the Chinese Communist regime, Chinese people believe that all the police in the world systematically and actively collaborate with the Chinese government.”“Wei Jingsheng’s outrage and concern about the danger of having a leading persecutor of human rights defenders at the head of Interpol are far from being exaggerated,” said Benjamin Ismaïl, the head of RSF’s Asia-Pacific desk. “We point out that China is ranked 176th out of 180 countries in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index. The international community should at the very least insist on guarantees from Interpol that it will not be manipulated and that it will review its ‘red notice’ procedures so that they are not used against Chinese journalists and bloggers and anyone trying to cover the disastrous human rights situation in China.”RSF has had concerns in the past about Interpol’s cooperation with judicial systems that take orders from the executive, and with governments that harass journalists and human rights defenders. In 2013, RSF condemned French journalist Daniel Lainé’s conviction in absentia by a court in Phnom Penh over a TV report he had made on sex tourism in Cambodia. Although Lainé had not been able to defend himself at the trial, Interpol issued a red notice that led to his arrest while on a trip to Cuba. He avoided extradition only because there is no bilateral accord between Cuba and Cambodia.At the Sri Lankan government’s request, Interpol issued a red notice in 2010 for the arrest of Chandima Withanaarachch, the editor of a website covering corruption and human rights violations in Sri Lanka. It was clearly intended to discourage journalists from covering subjects that embarrassed the government.RSF reported a similar case of Interpol being manipulated, in this case by the government of Maldives, in 2005, when the Sri Lankan police raided the Colombo headquarters of a Maldivian exile radio station and website, radio Minivan and Minivannews.com. The Sri Lankan police acted in response to a request from Interpol, which had received a baseless claim from the Maldivian authorities that the exile journalists were planning to overthrow the Maldivian government by force and had hidden weapons in their offices in Colombo. China: Political commentator sentenced to eight months in prison Receive email alerts China’s Cyber ​​Censorship Figures News News Wei Jingsheng at a conference in Lyon on April 5, 2017 (photo ©Tim Douet for Lyon Capitale) Help by sharing this information center_img to go further Follow the news on China RSF_en June 2, 2021 Find out more Reporters Without Borders (RSF) shares the concern of well-known Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng, who is currently visiting France to protest against the election of a former Chinese deputy minister of public security to head Interpol. China could use this position to monitor or even obstruct the movements of journalists, bloggers and other human rights defenders. Democracies need “reciprocity mechanism” to combat propaganda by authoritarian regimes April 27, 2021 Find out more ChinaAsia – Pacific Organisation March 12, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

  • Tourist destination management – an example of good practice

    first_imgAustrian “Zagorje”Imagine a continental region (tourist destination) of 1.145 km2, with 103.000 inhabitants, 79 municipalities and 4 subregions (districts), in which the largest city has 4.614 inhabitants. There are no companies with more than 300 employees in the region, no high mountains suitable for winter and summer tourism, but there are no large arable lands because it is intersected by hills… Upon joining the European Union, the competitiveness of small agricultural production and secondary related activities deteriorated sharply. The future was not bright.Cooperation – coordination – actionThen one mayor in the relaxed atmosphere of a local inn in the company of colleagues said they had to do something… Thus began the revival of the economically weakest Austrian region – Lower Styria where the average gross salary ranges between 1.820 and 1.890 Euros (Austrian average around 2.500 Euros).LAG – development and branding agencyThey founded the LAG – Local Action Group funded by municipalities. At the head of the LAG is Mag. Michael Fend, an experienced leader with a lot of volunteer experience in humanitarian actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and a Croatian son-in-law. The LAG has crystallized a vision of development based on all the resources of the region, which are viewed in a negative and positive aspect. They decided to brand themselves as the “Land of Volcanoes” because a large volcano was active in the area millions of years ago, the outlines of which can still be seen today. Material evidence of such a past is the composition of the soil as well as thermal water. Volcanic earth gives birth well, the volcano represents progressiveness, activity, so such a “brand name” is gladly accepted. “Vulkanland” is positioned as a gastronomic region, a region of crafts and handicrafts, a region that preserves its culture of living and which has decided to become energy independent by 2025.This was followed by active work on EU funds, but also on connecting stakeholders in agricultural production and processing of agricultural products. Thus, 70 wheat-producing farms have teamed up with one mill and bakeries to produce regional flour from which regional bread is produced in order to achieve a better and guaranteed purchase price of wheat. Other farmers are encouraged to process or to cooperate with local processors. This is how the famous producers of prosciutto and dried pork “Vulcano” were born, then winemakers (one of the most famous is Thaller), producers of brandy, liqueur and vinegar (Golles) and many others. The processing of agricultural products is presented as “Culinary Products”, ie high-value products for gastronomy. Today they have 63 producers under the brand “Steirisches Vulkanland”, then 52 craftsmen, 30 centers for the renewal of life energy „Quality clubsNew “quality clubs” are constantly being created. Thus, 26 households that arrange gardens were interconnected. They socialize with each other, exchange experiences and hold “open days”. They annually organize 112 various events on the topic of horticulture and make 20.000 visits. They are mainly engaged in tourism, and on that basis they achieve better results.Photo: sagen.atFewer municipalities – more efficient development managementIn the meantime, the number of municipalities has been reduced to 33, and many companies that pay the annual membership fee have voluntarily joined the LAG and thus acquire the right to display the “Vulkanland” logo. Unemployment is low, around 5%, the region now has 3% more young people under 19 than the Austrian average, but also 5% more population over the age of 65. They also have 17% more population with more family members, 82% more employees in the primary sector than the Austrian average, 2% more in the secondary sector.There are 3,3% foreigners, 8% of the economy is engaged in tourism and leisure, crafts 54%, trade, brokerage, management 25%, information consulting 8%. Of the schools, they have 44 primary, 16 secondary, 1 special, 8 polytechnic, 2 more for production occupations, 1 higher for tourism and 1 higher for kindergarten teachers. In the regional administration for social development, in addition to mag. Fenda, who leads the LEADER programs, also has Dr. Beatrix Lenz and mag. Stefan Preiningen in charge of youth.A combination of agriculture and tourismThe main feature of agricultural processing companies is their orientation towards organic production, “fair trade” principle, innovation and all have well-organized tours of production facilities with tasting that is well paid and well-organized shops at the place of production. Most of the products are sold in Austria and all of them have a respectable number of regular customers – individuals to whom the goods are delivered directly (Thaller as many as 13.000 people). Production facilities are becoming top tourist attractions that record a steady increase in visits. The chocolate maker Zotter went the furthest on this issue, whose complex stretches over thirty hectares on which there is a real small zoo, fruit and vegetable production, entertainment for children, restaurant… and the chocolate factory itself offers an unforgettable experience to every visitor. Innovations in the production of wine, brandy, liqueurs, cheeses, prosciutto… innovative way of presenting these products, excellent organization of direct sales, give results of above-average sales prices, high product value and satisfaction of all stakeholders in such “fair trade” trade.There are more and more other tourist facilities such as hiking and cycling facilities, they are being developed regionally and implemented locally. Spas, castles, museums, sports facilities with sports hotels… all this raises the participation and importance of tourism in the overall economy. “Steirische Vulkanland” is a small region that provides a great lesson in connecting the community into a sustainable microeconomic model.Whoever wants, can learn, see but also spend – a lot. A tour of the “Steirische Vulkanland” is worth every Euro.Published by: Nedo Pinezićlast_img read more