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  • BTravel and the European Volleyball Federation have signed a cooperation agreement

    first_imgThese days, the travel agency BTravel has signed a cooperation agreement with the European Para-Volleyball Federation (PARRA VOLLEY EUROPA, PVA), and thus has become its official travel agency for the next period of 4 years. With this signing, BTravel also became the first Croatian agency of a European sports federation.The signing of the contract was held as part of the International “Zagreb Open” in sitting volleyball, which was organized on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of OKI Zagreb (Volleyball Club for the Disabled Zagreb). The contract was signed by the president of PVE Branko Mihorko, who is also the selector of the Slovenian national team, and the president of the BTravel agency Dalibor Bilić.The joint cooperation will include BTravel agency’s support to the European Parabolic Federation in terms of organizing all types of travel, travel to sports preparations and various other competitions, organization of airline tickets, hotels, transfers and the like, as well as support to PVE in organizing their events. “In the future, we plan to increase the number of PVE official competitions, and as a consequence, more frequent trips of nominated officials. For this purpose, we chose BTRAVEL from Zagreb, a travel agency that imposes itself on the market as one of the leading travel agencies in this area of ​​Europe (offices in Ljubljana and Belgrade) and which in its offer pays special attention to sports and sports travel. I would also like to thank BTravel for its efforts so far for the upcoming PVE Strategy Dialogue, which will take place in October 2018 in St. Martin na Muri (Croatia). ” said Branko Mihorko, president of the European Para-Volleyball Federation, when signing the contract.The signing of the contract with the European Paravoley Federation is just a continuation of the company’s development in the segment of sports tourism to the European market, which we set at the very beginning. I am convinced that together we will help the development of PVE in all segments on a partnership basis, said Dalibor Bilić, President of the Management Board of BTravel Agency.ANTE ANČIĆ BECAME DIRECTOR OF SPORTS DEVELOPMENT OF BTRAVEL AGENCYUntil recently, the director of the European Handball Championship for the City of Zagreb, Ante Ančić, became a new member of the BTravel agency, one of the fastest growing Croatian and regional tourist agencies.Ante Ančić in BTravel is engaged in the position of director for sports development and one of the main projects he will develop is the placement of Croatia on foreign markets as an ideal destination for sports preparations, but also for sporting events. Ante Ančić will also be responsible for taking over some new acquisitions of BTravel in Croatia. “I am extremely proud of the fact that our agency has signed its first contract with a sports organization at the European level. The main reason for my arrival at BTravel was the expansion of business to the European market, which was started with this contract.. ”, Pointed out Ante Ančić, the new director of sports development at BTravel.last_img read more