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  • Liberian Baha’is Elected 2019/2020 National Spiritual Assembly

    first_imgThe elected NSA officials posed shortly after the voting exercise.Another Ridvan has come and Baha’i’s worldwide, including those from Liberia have voted the National Spiritual Assemblies (NSAs) of their faith in their respective countries.The election of the NSA is an annual event is held from April 21 to May 2 each year.Liberia’s National Convention to elect the NSA was held from April 21-22, 2019 at the national headquarters of the Baha’i Development Institute (BDI), near Bonjal along the ELWA/RIA highway, with 19 delegates from the central, eastern and southeastern regions of the country.The delegates, having read and consulted on the guidance on Baha’i elections as usually given by the Baha’i World Center (Universal House of Justice), elected the NSA of Liberia on April 22, 2019.The nine members making up the 2019/2020 NSA of Liberia, include Geebli Newray, Arthur C.Y. Duogee, Eddie Wright, Nora N. Bolongei, David Saah Menjor, Patience D. Peabody, Mehngoankeh Baymie, Toagoe Karzon and Emmanuel Baymie Sr.The convention was chiefly facilitated by Mrs. Agatha Nketsia, a Baha’i from Ghana, and a member of the Continental Board of Counselors for Africa.She was assisted by Mrs. Tina Precious Wright, and Mr. Isaiah Tulo Chea, who are two of the three Auxiliary Board Members (ABMs) in Liberia.The ABMs are appointed by Counselors to work and provide supervision in the teaching of the Faith as well as protecting it from internal and external conflicts and misconceptions.After the election of the nine members in general by the delegates, the nine members meet and elect the chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer as officers of the NSA.The election of the officers is the same as the general delegates’ election of the NSA in which there is neither candidate nor a campaign for any position.All Baha’i elections are done through secret ballots after prayers are said and, in most cases, deep meditation on the spiritual nature of Baha’i institutions.Earlier, the chairperson of the National Convention, Toagoe Karzon, expressed gratitude to the delegates, as well as the observers, who he said did their best to work in line with the principles of Baha’i elections.Bahai elections everywhere in the world are non-political. There are no candidates and there are no campaigns for positions.People elected to either the Local Spiritual Assembly (LSA) or the NSA must reach the age of 21, which is set as the age of maturity in the Baha’i Faith for one to be elected to Baha’i institutions.Other requirements or qualities for the election of an individual to a Baha’i institution are ‘unquestioned loyalty to the Faith, mature experience and recognized ability.’Additionally, for one to be voted, he/she must have a well-trained mind, and be willing to render selfless to the faith and the world of humanity.Next in line with the qualities for a unique Baha’i election is age distribution or electing people not based on personal love or equality in age, but that both the old and young have something each to contribute to the progress of the Faith and regional or geographic consideration.The 12-day period (April 21 to May 2) is named after a garden in Baghdad, Iraq, where Baha’ullah, the Prophet founder of the Baha’i Faith spent 12 days with His followers before He departed to Constantinople as He was further banished into exile in 1863 by the Ottoman Empire Government then on fear that His influence over the population could have rid them of their governmental positions.Baha’ullah’s mission was, however, very far and different in form to what the leaders Iran, Iraq and other cities countries of the world thought of. He declared that He was the Manifestation of God for this age, and His desire was not for things or positions of the material world as the leaders at that time thought.It was on the 12th day of Ridvan Baha’ullah declared to His followers and the rest of the World that He was the Promised One of all ages whose advent humanity has long awaited.The ABMs are appointed by Counselors to work and provide supervision in the teaching of the Faith as well as protecting it from internal and external conflicts and misconceptions.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more