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  • Tourist destination management – an example of good practice

    first_imgAustrian “Zagorje”Imagine a continental region (tourist destination) of 1.145 km2, with 103.000 inhabitants, 79 municipalities and 4 subregions (districts), in which the largest city has 4.614 inhabitants. There are no companies with more than 300 employees in the region, no high mountains suitable for winter and summer tourism, but there are no large arable lands because it is intersected by hills… Upon joining the European Union, the competitiveness of small agricultural production and secondary related activities deteriorated sharply. The future was not bright.Cooperation – coordination – actionThen one mayor in the relaxed atmosphere of a local inn in the company of colleagues said they had to do something… Thus began the revival of the economically weakest Austrian region – Lower Styria where the average gross salary ranges between 1.820 and 1.890 Euros (Austrian average around 2.500 Euros).LAG – development and branding agencyThey founded the LAG – Local Action Group funded by municipalities. At the head of the LAG is Mag. Michael Fend, an experienced leader with a lot of volunteer experience in humanitarian actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and a Croatian son-in-law. The LAG has crystallized a vision of development based on all the resources of the region, which are viewed in a negative and positive aspect. They decided to brand themselves as the “Land of Volcanoes” because a large volcano was active in the area millions of years ago, the outlines of which can still be seen today. Material evidence of such a past is the composition of the soil as well as thermal water. Volcanic earth gives birth well, the volcano represents progressiveness, activity, so such a “brand name” is gladly accepted. “Vulkanland” is positioned as a gastronomic region, a region of crafts and handicrafts, a region that preserves its culture of living and which has decided to become energy independent by 2025.This was followed by active work on EU funds, but also on connecting stakeholders in agricultural production and processing of agricultural products. Thus, 70 wheat-producing farms have teamed up with one mill and bakeries to produce regional flour from which regional bread is produced in order to achieve a better and guaranteed purchase price of wheat. Other farmers are encouraged to process or to cooperate with local processors. This is how the famous producers of prosciutto and dried pork “Vulcano” were born, then winemakers (one of the most famous is Thaller), producers of brandy, liqueur and vinegar (Golles) and many others. The processing of agricultural products is presented as “Culinary Products”, ie high-value products for gastronomy. Today they have 63 producers under the brand “Steirisches Vulkanland”, then 52 craftsmen, 30 centers for the renewal of life energy „Quality clubsNew “quality clubs” are constantly being created. Thus, 26 households that arrange gardens were interconnected. They socialize with each other, exchange experiences and hold “open days”. They annually organize 112 various events on the topic of horticulture and make 20.000 visits. They are mainly engaged in tourism, and on that basis they achieve better results.Photo: sagen.atFewer municipalities – more efficient development managementIn the meantime, the number of municipalities has been reduced to 33, and many companies that pay the annual membership fee have voluntarily joined the LAG and thus acquire the right to display the “Vulkanland” logo. Unemployment is low, around 5%, the region now has 3% more young people under 19 than the Austrian average, but also 5% more population over the age of 65. They also have 17% more population with more family members, 82% more employees in the primary sector than the Austrian average, 2% more in the secondary sector.There are 3,3% foreigners, 8% of the economy is engaged in tourism and leisure, crafts 54%, trade, brokerage, management 25%, information consulting 8%. Of the schools, they have 44 primary, 16 secondary, 1 special, 8 polytechnic, 2 more for production occupations, 1 higher for tourism and 1 higher for kindergarten teachers. In the regional administration for social development, in addition to mag. Fenda, who leads the LEADER programs, also has Dr. Beatrix Lenz and mag. Stefan Preiningen in charge of youth.A combination of agriculture and tourismThe main feature of agricultural processing companies is their orientation towards organic production, “fair trade” principle, innovation and all have well-organized tours of production facilities with tasting that is well paid and well-organized shops at the place of production. Most of the products are sold in Austria and all of them have a respectable number of regular customers – individuals to whom the goods are delivered directly (Thaller as many as 13.000 people). Production facilities are becoming top tourist attractions that record a steady increase in visits. The chocolate maker Zotter went the furthest on this issue, whose complex stretches over thirty hectares on which there is a real small zoo, fruit and vegetable production, entertainment for children, restaurant… and the chocolate factory itself offers an unforgettable experience to every visitor. Innovations in the production of wine, brandy, liqueurs, cheeses, prosciutto… innovative way of presenting these products, excellent organization of direct sales, give results of above-average sales prices, high product value and satisfaction of all stakeholders in such “fair trade” trade.There are more and more other tourist facilities such as hiking and cycling facilities, they are being developed regionally and implemented locally. Spas, castles, museums, sports facilities with sports hotels… all this raises the participation and importance of tourism in the overall economy. “Steirische Vulkanland” is a small region that provides a great lesson in connecting the community into a sustainable microeconomic model.Whoever wants, can learn, see but also spend – a lot. A tour of the “Steirische Vulkanland” is worth every Euro.Published by: Nedo Pinezićlast_img read more

  • Byron sees pressure decline in one of SM 71 wells

    first_imgDuring April, oil and gas company Byron Energy produced 92,700 bbls of oil and 67 million cubic feet of gas from the South Marsh Island Block 71 (SM 71) project in the Gulf of Mexico. However, one of the wells is experiencing a pressure decline.Byron, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Byron Energy Inc., is the operator of SM 71, located in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, and holds a 50% working interest and a 40.625% net revenue interest in SM 71. Otto Energy holds the remaining interest in SM 71.To remind, oil and gas production from the SM 71 F platform began in late March 2018 when the F1 and F2 wells were opened to production. In early April, the F3 well also began producing.The F1 and F3 wells are completed in the primary D5 Sand reservoir and the F2 well is completed in the B65 Sand which was a successful exploration discovery in the F2 well.Otto Energy said on Friday that the company’s 50 percent working interest production was 46,350 barrels of oil and 34 million cubic feet of gas.Net production after federal royalties was 37,650 barrels of oil and 27.1 million cubic feet of gas while April WI revenue was $2.9 million, $2.4 million after federal royalties.The company added that the F1 and F2 wells produced for a total of 23 days while F3 produced a total of 20 days during April. Downtime includes a scheduled four-day pipeline shut-in period.The F2 well has experienced a pressure decline, indicating the well may be accessing only a portion of the total mapped B65 reservoir.It is worth noting that since production began in March through May 16, the SM 71 F platform sales totaled over 170,000 barrels of oil and 135 million cubic feet of gas.Based on observations of pressure build-ups during the scheduled April pipeline shut-in, flowing and bottom hole pressure data was collected in early May to further evaluate well performance and confirm optimal production rates. The analysis is expected to conclude in the coming weeks.Otto’s managing director, Matthew Allen, said: “The performance of the F1 and F3 wells is entirely in line with our expectations. Each well continues to perform at high levels and have been very consistent on a daily basis. While the data from the F2 well is unexpected, it is not yet clear what the result will be. Pure depletion drive oil reservoirs are very rare, and we hope that the well will find a stable level and behave more like other B65 Sand producers in the area.“Coupled with consistent production and strong oil prices, the F1 and F3 wells are providing strong cash flow for our company and will be managed properly to ensure steady income to fund our program of growth in the Gulf of Mexico.” B65 Sand (F2 well)Bottom hole pressure data from the F2 well indicates that there is no near wellbore damage and the B65 Sand reservoir also has high permeability. However, the F2 well is experiencing reservoir pressure depletion.The bottom hole pressure data indicates the B65 Sand has lost over 50% of its initial reservoir pressure and as the pressure has dropped, so have daily oil and gas rates.The F2 well has never produced any completion fluids and has produced at rates exceeding 1,500 bopd at times but without stabilization. The B65 Sand will be one of many focus areas of the recently announced seismic processing project the operator is undertaking with Schlumberger’s subsidiary WesternGeco to help determine the placement of future wells. D5 Sand (F1 and F3 wells)Pressure data indicates that the D5 Sand completions in the F1 and F3 wells exhibit very little pressure drawdown across the perforations. This data also shows that the D5 Sand is a high permeability reservoir, which is further evidenced by the high flow rates from each well.Both the F1 and F3 wells are performing as expected with daily production consistently averaging 4,200 bopd from the D5 Sand which are appropriate rates for these wells based on the bottom hole pressure data.last_img read more

  • ‘Super sand’ to help clean up dirty drinking water

    first_img 17 Views   no discussions “Super sand” is made using regular sand – and it could become a low-cost way to purify waterContaminated water can be cleaned much more effectively using a novel, cheap material, say researchers.Dubbed “super sand”, it could become a low-cost way to purify water in the developing world.The technology involves coating grains of sand in an oxide of a widely available material called graphite – commonly used as lead in pencils.The team describes the work in the American Chemical Society journal Applied Materials and Interfaces.In many countries around the world, access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities is still limited.The World Health Organization states that “just 60% of the population in Sub-Saharan African and 50% of the population in Oceania [islands in the tropical Pacific Ocean] use improved sources of drinking-water.”The graphite-coated sand grains might be a solution – especially as people have already used sand to purify water since ancient times.Coating the sand But with ordinary sand, filtering techniques can be tricky.Dr Wei Gao from Rice university in Texas, US, told BBC News that regular coarse sand was a lot less effective than fine sand when water was contaminated with pathogens, organic contaminants and heavy metal ions.While fine sand is slightly better, water drains through it very slowly.“Our product combines coarse sand with functional carbon material that could offer higher retention for those pollutants, and at the same time gives good throughput,” explained Dr Gao.She said that the technique the team has developed to make the sand involves dispersing graphite oxide into water and mixing it with regular sand.“We then heat the whole mixture up to 105C for a couple of hours to evaporate the water, and use the final product – ‘coated sand’ – to purify polluted water.”Cost-efficientThe lead scientist of the study, Professor Pulickel Ajayan, said it was possible to modify the graphite oxide in order to make it more selective and sensitive to certain pollutants – such as organic contaminants or specific metals in dirty water.Another team member, Dr Mainak Majumder from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, said it had another advantage – it was cheap.“This material demonstrates comparable performance to some commercially available activated carbon materials,” he said.“But given that this can be synthesized using room temperature processes and also from cheap graphite sources, it is likely to be cost-efficient.”He pointed out that in Australia many mining companies extract graphite and they produce a lot of graphite-rich waste.“This waste can be harnessed for water purification,” he said.Dr Wei Gao from Rice university in Texas, US, told BBC News that regular coarse sand was a lot less effective than fine sand when water was contaminated with pathogens, organic contaminants and heavy metal ions.While fine sand is slightly better, water drains through it very slowly.“Our product combines coarse sand with functional carbon material that could offer higher retention for those pollutants, and at the same time gives good throughput,” explained Dr Gao.She said that the technique the team has developed to make the sand involves dispersing graphite oxide into water and mixing it with regular sand.“We then heat the whole mixture up to 105C for a couple of hours to evaporate the water, and use the final product – ‘coated sand’ – to purify polluted water.”BBC News Share Share Tweetcenter_img HealthLifestyle ‘Super sand’ to help clean up dirty drinking water by: – June 24, 2011 Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

  • College Mascots

    first_imgI had the privilege of meeting a young man earlier this summer who was Purdue Pete while a student at Purdue.  John is now a biomedical salesman who works closely with the Wound Care Clinic at the Hansen Center.  He is the answer to the Purdue trivia question “Who was the Purdue Pete who was arrested during a football game?”This may sound serious, but it really wasn’t.  As you know, mascots like to act like they are fighting during football games.  When Purdue Pete was feigning a punch, he accidentally slipped and actually hit the other mascot in the head with his hammer (a common prop).  The Security Police, not being sure of Purdue Pete’s real intent, separated the two and took Purdue Pete behind the stands.  As soon as they were out of sight of the fans, they simply advised him to remove the costume and disappear for the rest of the game.  No real arrest was made.Another interesting sidelight we learned is that Purdue mascots are not paid for any of their personal appearances.  They try out willingly knowing this.  However, John discovered that other mascots (such as the one at Georgia Tech) got paid several thousand dollars during the year for their personal appearances.  It would be interesting to know what other universities’ policies are.last_img read more

  • Anita R. Holt

    first_imgAnita R. Holt, 51 of Milan passed away at her home, Friday February 24, 2017.  Anita was born Sunday December 5, 1965 in Hamilton, Ohio, the daughter of Aubrey and Thelma (Martin) Holt.Anita graduated from Milan High School in 1984 as the class valedictorian, and graduated Franklin College in 1988. She was a Computer Engineer for Hill Rom since 1994. She loved playing sports, singing, wrote her own songs, fishing, vacationing, and spending a lot of her time with her family and friends.Anita is survived by parents: Aubrey and Thelma Holt of Milan; brother: Tony (Jackie) Holt of Milan; Brent Holt of Milan; sisters: Carla Holt of Milan, Margie (Roger) Minger of Milan; Rhonda (Gary) Schmidt of Milan. 3 nephews: Caleb, Jared and Levi. 3 nieces Sara, Graci and Rachel. 2 Great-nephews: Jackson, Cash; 1 Great niece: Jordyn.Funeral Services will be at 10AM Tuesday February 28, 2017 at Hope Baptist Church 15593 US 50 Dillsboro, In 47018 with Pastor Tom Holt officiating.  Burial will follow in New Craven Cemetery. Visitation will Monday February 27, 6-8PM at Hope Baptist Church. Memorials may be given to Cancer Research.  Laws-Carr-Moore Funeral Home, Milan entrusted with the arrangements, Box 243, 47031; (812)654-2141.  Go to to leave an online condolence message for the family.last_img read more

  • IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars debut at Park Jefferson

    first_imgJEFFERSON, S.D. – History will be made this Saturday, May 20 as Park Jefferson Speedway will welcome the IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars for the first time.Gates open at 5 p.m. with racing at 7 p.m. Grandstand admission for adults is $12, seniors 70-plus are $5 and children are $2.The Budweiser clubhouse will be open and a clubhouse pass can be added to any ticket for $12.Turner Plumbing of Vermillion will be the feature sponsor.last_img

  • Ighalo close to Man U contract extension

    first_imgRelatedPosts Ighalo: My best moment as ‘Red Devil’ Breaking: Ighalo blocked Osimhen’s Man U move — Brother Man U complete £40m Van de Beek deal Odion Ighalo is close to agreeing a deal to stay at Manchester United beyond next week, the striker’s agent has revealed.Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Tuesday said Ighalo will be returning to parent club Shanghai Shenhua next week unless a last-minute deal can be reached, while Standard Sport understands the Chinese club have rejected all pursuits of a contract extension to date. Ighalo is desperate to stay at his dream club, however, and while his parent club are determined to have the forward available for the Super League’s restart, Solskjaer confirmed negotiations are underway.“The loan deal went until the end of May now, so obviously he’s supposed to be going back,” he told MUTV. “We’re in dialogue. They’ve been great towards us, his club, and allowed him to play for his dream club.“It’s been a dream for him and hopefully he can finish off what he started, hopefully with a trophy for us. At the moment, nothing has been agreed. Their league is going to get started soon so we’re just waiting to see.”And Ighalo’s agent Ladi Salami has shed light on the negotiations, insisting they are progressing well.“The Super Eagle feels very good in Manchester with whom he is very close to a salary agreement. Negotiations with the Chinese are ongoing and are going well,” Salami told Foot Mercato. The length of a possible extension remained to be seen, but Standard Sport also understands United have only entertained the possibility of a loan extension as of yet.Ighalo has scored four goals in eight games since arriving in January.Tags: Odion IghaloOle Gunnar SolskjaerShanghai ShenhuaStandard Sportlast_img read more

  • Berahino blasts criticism

    first_img Press Association His winner in Saturday’s 1-0 Barclays Premier League triumph over Hull at The Hawthorns took Berahino’s goal tally for Albion this season to 14 in all competitions, but there have been questions over his attitude. The 21-year-old, who is due to appear at Runcorn Magistrates Court on January 19 after being charged with drink driving, drew attention for not celebrating any of his four goals in last weekend’s 7-0 FA Cup victory over Gateshead. Having insisted on that occasion he was just “acting professionally”, he then made no secret of his delight when he fired home in the 78th minute against Hull, running to the touchline with his arms spread and a big smile on his face. And when asked if he had been making a point with that celebration, Berahino said: “Of course, because last week what was said was rubbish. I don’t understand why people were having a go at me for not celebrating. “It is not in the rules that you’ve got to celebrate when you score. Loads of players don’t celebrate when they score. “But I’m always the one getting blamed and picked out at West Brom. I just smile at it and keep my mouth shut. “I just think everyone now, because I’m almost a target out there, is trying to bring a bad name to me. “I think the people who put me down, they don’t know me. I don’t understand why certain things are written about me. “To all my fans out there, I’m just trying to enjoy my football, make everyone happy, keep forward and maybe one day achieve my dreams.” The England Under-21 international, recently part of the senior Three Lions squad, has been linked with Liverpool and Tottenham and while West Brom boss Tony Pulis wants to keep Berahino – and has received no bids for him – he has admitted every player has their price. Berahino himself has “big ambitions” but has reiterated his determination to remain focused despite transfer speculation. “I’m just playing and enjoying my football,” the frontman said. “Obviously I have big ambitions but at the moment I’m a West Brom player, I’m enjoying my football and I’m contributing goals so I’m happy. “I don’t know what he (Pulis) is thinking, but this time (the transfer window) is a difficult one. “Everyone is playing a game of chess so I’m just enjoying my football, letting my football do the talking for me and concentrating on what I’m doing on the pitch. “Obviously there are always rumours going around but, I can’t control that. All I can control is what I’m doing on the field, and the rumours keep travelling around.” Pulis did emphasise after the Hull match that, in his ideal world, this transfer window would see him bring in a striker to play alongside Berahino rather than to replace him. The head coach, who was overseeing his first Premier League game in charge of West Brom on Saturday following his January 1 appointment, said: “I’m not going to say we are not going to sell him because if a stupid offer comes in I would look stupid if I said I’m not going to sell him. “But I’ll tell you this – we are looking for another striker, and if we get another striker in and we keep him that will make my day. “We are desperate to get in another striker to go with him.” Albion rose from 17th to 14th in the table, two points clear of the relegation zone, with Saturday’s victory. West Brom striker Saido Berahino believes he is being unfairly singled out for criticism and given “a bad name”.last_img read more

  • Vero Beach Police respond to possible bomb threat

    first_imgAuthorities in Vero Beach are currently on the scene of a possible bomb threat near 16th Street and Old Dixie Highway.Not much has been released about the incident at this time, however, authorities did report that both East and westbound traffic will be closed for several hours due to their ongoing investigation.This is a developing story.last_img

  • Focus on Malinga As Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Regroup Post World Cup

    first_imgColombo: Retiring fast bowler Lasith Malinga is in focus as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh players prepare for their first series after the World Cup, a three-match face-off in Colombo from Friday providing them a chance to work their way up in ICC ODI Player Rankings.Malinga, who will retire from ODIs after the opening match, is the second-highest ranked bowler from his side in 35th position, with 552 rating points. He is nowhere near his peak in terms of rankings, but the 35-year-old would like to go out with a memorable performance to cap a 15-year ODI career.The only bowler to have taken three ODI hat-tricks, Malinga attained a career-high points’ tally of 675 after a memorable spell of three for 22 against Bangladesh in Colombo in July 2007. His highest ranking was seventh in November 2011, achieved against Pakistan in Dubai.Spinner Akila Dananjaya is the highest ranked bowler from Sri Lanka in 21st position, while Angelo Mathews and Niroshan Dickwella are the leading batsmen for the home side, in 35th and 42nd positions, respectively.In the absence of World Cup star and world’s top all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, who has been rested from the series, Bangladesh batsmen Mushfiqur Rahim (19th) and Tamim Iqbal (27th) will be leading the charge among batsmen, while Mustafizur Rahman (15th) and Mehidy Hasan Miraz (17th) would be looking to move towards the top 10 in the bowlers’ list.In the ODI Team Rankings, seventh-placed Bangladesh can increase the lead over Sri Lanka from 11 to 16 points with a 3-0 win while losing the series by the same margin could see them slip to ninth position, behind the West Indies on decimal points. IANS Also Read: Lasith Malinga Confirms ODI Retirement, To Continue Playing T20slast_img read more