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  • BTravel and the European Volleyball Federation have signed a cooperation agreement

    first_imgThese days, the travel agency BTravel has signed a cooperation agreement with the European Para-Volleyball Federation (PARRA VOLLEY EUROPA, PVA), and thus has become its official travel agency for the next period of 4 years. With this signing, BTravel also became the first Croatian agency of a European sports federation.The signing of the contract was held as part of the International “Zagreb Open” in sitting volleyball, which was organized on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of OKI Zagreb (Volleyball Club for the Disabled Zagreb). The contract was signed by the president of PVE Branko Mihorko, who is also the selector of the Slovenian national team, and the president of the BTravel agency Dalibor Bilić.The joint cooperation will include BTravel agency’s support to the European Parabolic Federation in terms of organizing all types of travel, travel to sports preparations and various other competitions, organization of airline tickets, hotels, transfers and the like, as well as support to PVE in organizing their events. “In the future, we plan to increase the number of PVE official competitions, and as a consequence, more frequent trips of nominated officials. For this purpose, we chose BTRAVEL from Zagreb, a travel agency that imposes itself on the market as one of the leading travel agencies in this area of ​​Europe (offices in Ljubljana and Belgrade) and which in its offer pays special attention to sports and sports travel. I would also like to thank BTravel for its efforts so far for the upcoming PVE Strategy Dialogue, which will take place in October 2018 in St. Martin na Muri (Croatia). ” said Branko Mihorko, president of the European Para-Volleyball Federation, when signing the contract.The signing of the contract with the European Paravoley Federation is just a continuation of the company’s development in the segment of sports tourism to the European market, which we set at the very beginning. I am convinced that together we will help the development of PVE in all segments on a partnership basis, said Dalibor Bilić, President of the Management Board of BTravel Agency.ANTE ANČIĆ BECAME DIRECTOR OF SPORTS DEVELOPMENT OF BTRAVEL AGENCYUntil recently, the director of the European Handball Championship for the City of Zagreb, Ante Ančić, became a new member of the BTravel agency, one of the fastest growing Croatian and regional tourist agencies.Ante Ančić in BTravel is engaged in the position of director for sports development and one of the main projects he will develop is the placement of Croatia on foreign markets as an ideal destination for sports preparations, but also for sporting events. Ante Ančić will also be responsible for taking over some new acquisitions of BTravel in Croatia. “I am extremely proud of the fact that our agency has signed its first contract with a sports organization at the European level. The main reason for my arrival at BTravel was the expansion of business to the European market, which was started with this contract.. ”, Pointed out Ante Ančić, the new director of sports development at BTravel.last_img read more

  • FairBnB is being launched, a “fairer” alternative to Airbnb

    first_img“The other difference is that 50 percent of the commission will be used to fund community projects.” FairBnB prices will be similar to Airbnb, but commissions will be lower and the structure different. Only 50 percent of the commissions will go to the management of the platform. Over time, FairBnB will probably reach the Croatian market and it will be very interesting to see how it will affect the image of tourism in private accommodation and whether it will create healthy competition for the titanic Airbnb. The first difference FairBnB makes is transparency and legality. “We want to work with governments. That is why we are very strict with the rule “one host – one home”. We also want to pay taxes at the local level and be completely transparent, “Veracruz said. But perhaps the biggest difference is in the cooperation. “The platform is owned by a group of people participating in the project, the salaries in the cooperative are limited and everything is very transparent,” explains Veracruz. “Over time, the plan is to expand the cooperative and thus give investors and renters the opportunity to participate in the business of the platform.” Airbnb was launched almost 11 years ago and during that period has established itself as one of the leading services for renting private accommodation. In terms of entrepreneurship and innovation, Airbnb is an exceptional company. The idea of ​​the service is very simple – to provide tourists with a very fast, efficient and intuitive way of renting accommodation. The company is worth over $ 2 billion today and the service is available in almost every country in the world, reports The Next Web. But Airbnb’s huge popularity brings a number of problems. Many cities cite Airbnb as an important factor in rising rents, lack of accommodation, gentrification and similar disruptive effects on tourism. For these reasons, Sito Veracruz and his partners decided to launch a “fairer” and better alternative – FairBnB. “I was very optimistic about Airbnb at first because I saw the tourism potential of such platforms for smaller communities,” explains Veracruz. “But what I did not anticipate is the extent to which such platforms will be based on profit. “When you realize that 20 percent of service users make 80 percent of the profits, you know something is wrong.” Veracruz is very optimistic and predicts a bigger expansion of FairBnB within two years, with the help of communities. “Our development strategy is based on local communities – in business, marketing and everything else.”last_img read more

  • Buses and trams of European cities painted with Croatian motifs

    first_imgTrams, buses and trolleybuses, ie public city transport of many European cities such as Milan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Lviv, Brno, Plzeň, Amsterdam, The Hague, Stockholm and other cities in the most frequent locations are painted with Croatian motifs. “The visual effect has been proven to attract a lot of attention from a multitude of people and create a strong and long-lasting experience for potential tourists. Large outdoor advertising on the busiest roads of major European cities and metropolises is one of the projects realized as part of an additional 10 million kuna for marketing and PR activities in emitting markets this year.” pointed out the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adding that the external advertising of Croatia as a tourist destination was carried out through billboards in the extremely busy London and Paris metro, but also in Prague, Ljubljana, Rotterdam, etc. Advertising is carried out in two waves, ie now in May and in September and October. The activities within the campaign include display and print advertising in specialized media and promotion on social networks, and it is carried out on the market of Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Benelux, Sweden, Norway, but also Croatia. Also, as they point out from the Croatian National Tourist Board, a million kuna promotional campaign for business tourism has been launched, which aims to position Croatia as a tourist destination suitable for MICE tourism.  Promotion of business tourism in nine world markets “The campaign focused on the promotion of business tourism is a continuation of our continuous investments in the promotion and development of this important tourist product. Croatia has great potentials in this segment of travel due to the quality of the resource base, but also due to the excellent references, which is confirmed by the well-done hosting of the last major international gathering China +16, which was recently held in Dubrovnik.”, concluded Staničić. This is the result of the CNTB’s ongoing promotional campaign, which consists of outdoor advertising in key emitting markets such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Slovenia. last_img read more

  • HGK: The situation in tourism is improving, but everything will depend on the results in the peak season

    first_imgU vezi najave poskupljenja ulaznica u nacionalne parkove, Pende je rekao kako je stav Ministarstva turizma da od visokih cijena koje su nerealne u ovoj situaciji nitko nema koristi. No, nema baš sluha u ‘jakim’ parkovima da redefiniraju stavove i ponude prihvatljivije cijene pa će se oko toga još razgovarati s Ministarstvom zaštite okoliša. If the favorable epidemiological situation continues, Croatia could achieve better results than estimated, and tourist traffic in the crucial summer part of the season will depend on whether and what measures are needed to preserve jobs and recover tourism. In conclusion, everyone agreed that everyone together must be responsible and communicate well and be coordinated within the entire tourism sector and beyond. Tourist traffic has been launched, borders are open, and the next steps are to explain to everyone the conditions of entry and stay in the Republic of Croatia and we must all work together to survive this year, which will not be easy for anyone. “Ministarstvo turizma je u HBOR kredite usmjerilo 600 milijuna kuna, a kako je stiglo jako puno zahtjeva taj iznos je premašen, jer su mislili kreditirati na tri godine, a ljudi su tražili tri plus dvije i sada moramo vidjeti kako to pojačati”, Pende said, adding that the problem is that people have not yet received the money, and the one-month procedure is too long. The situation is similar with Hamag Bicro loans, through which HRK 26 million was redirected and placed on the market. “In any case, we must find new funds for the needs of the market and for those who may be late with the call and for those who were not initially included in these programs such as car rentals, health tourism, clinics. We need new allocations and new funds to reschedule loans as much as possible in order to obtain funds as soon as possible.”, Pende said, adding that he is sure that a significant part of the announced 10 billion euros, which the European Commission has yet to confirm to repair the damage to the economy caused by the coronavirus, will be directed to tourism. Žgomba, on the other hand, announced that it had been agreed with the leasing companies to make a joint document and to go on a moratorium for up to 12 months. Odgovarajući na pitanja o Cro kartici i nedoumicama oko nje, Pende je rekao kako se po zadnjim informacijama u to uključilo sedam banaka te je naručeno prvih 40 tisuća kartica za početak srpnja te vjeruje da će se s tim krenuti. “To je dugoročni projekt, u koji će se s vremenom uključivati više pružatelja usluga i bit će za više ‘vrsta’ zaposlenika, po novom uključujući i državne i javne službenike, a očekuje se da će u tome biti i privatni smještaj, što sada nije jer nemaju pos terminale za plaćanje karticama“, rekao je. Staničić se pak nadovezao rekavši kako će HTZ, uz već aktivne kampanje za strana, pokrenuti kampanju i za domaće tržište, a kada Ministarstvo odluči i za promociju Cro kartice, za što smo su sredstva osigurana.  The current situation in tourism is much better than it was just a week or two ago. More than 40 guests are currently vacationing in Croatia, of which 12 are locals, and in addition we have 90 applications from foreigners who just want to come. Cro card planned for early July Pende je najavio da će idućeg tjedna na Vladi biti odluka da se u CRO kraticu uključe i usluge putničkih agencija te charter tvrtki (najam plovila), a razmišlja se i o online agencijama. No, najvažnije je da svi uključeni osiguraju popuste za domaće turiste. Photo Poreč Port Authority A number of questions related to CES measures for preserving jobs and benefits for June (4.000 kuna) and whether there will be extensions of that measure, and Pende says that this will be better known at the end of the summer, as well as for some other measures. “As for the situation at the borders, they are open with most EU countries, which is ultimately our strongest emitting market, and for those countries where there are still restrictions. “, Pende stressed, adding that he would seek liberalization of the measures. “We expect this situation to be resolved in a week in order to start a more serious tourist season. “, he said, noting that citizens from third countries can enter the Republic of Croatia provided that they have a confirmation of booking accommodation and after filling out the entire form through the application that speeds up the border crossing process for all foreign citizens.  Problematika turističkog prijevoza autobusima također muči agencije, ali Pende, koji je i član stožera za civilnu zaštitu, najavljuje kako će inicirati temu preporuka i mjera za turistički prijevoz autobusima, jer preporuke nisu jasne, a već dolaze i strani autobusi. Dodao je i kako se za koji dan mogu očekivati i preporuke HZJZ-a za kruzersku industriju i još neke neobrađene segmente turizma.  Stanicic also believes that the resumption of air traffic will help Croatian tourism and destinations, especially Dubrovnik, which is quite dependent on air arrivals of tourists, but also Split to be more accessible. Stanicic explained that the application is not a condition and mandatory, but guests will wait less at the borders. “When everything is completed, when reading the passport, everything is seen that was entered through the application, and the customs officer can ask for proof of reservation. The application is also adapted for tourist groups, but regardless of that, each passenger in the group must be registered, but there can only be one contact person. Despite the pandemic, Croatia has additionally positioned itself as a safe and desirable tourist destination due to the excellent epidemiological situation on the international market. “, said Staničić, adding that in recent years Croatia has positioned itself as an air destination, which is now especially important when we have to fight for our share in the tourist market with our offer, safety, but also traffic accessibility, so most flights are announced for the second half of June. and the beginning of July for the airports of Split and Dubrovnik and Zadar, Pula, Zagreb and Rijeka. These are the conclusions of yesterday online conference of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce “Travel agencies and coronavirus: yesterday, today, tomorrow?” koju je moderirao predsjednik Udruženja putničkih agencija HGK Boris Žgomba, koji je, zajedno s pomoćnikom ministra turizma i člana Stožera civilne zaštite Robertom Pendeom  i direktorom Glavnog ureda Hrvatske turističke zajednice Kristjanom Staničićem, sudjelovao i u panel raspravi. last_img read more

  • Dubrovnik wants to attract digital nomads

    first_img“Some of the main motives for digital nomads to come to Croatia is the desire to explore and create experiences of Europe, the beauty of nature and the sea in Croatia. For digital nomads, Croatia is an ideal opportunity to connect with other people in some way, to explore the beauties of a certain destination. The most important aspects of everyday work for digital nomads are the ability to access the Internet, a comfortable place to work and live, in general the atmosphere of the community and the environment in which they live is very important to nomads, the possibilities of various activities that interest them”, Said Tanja Polegubic, emphasizing that digital nomads show great interest in many cities in Croatia, especially in Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb and the islands. Find out more about the conference, the program and the list of lecturers HERE. “The whole story is on the trail of our strategy of directing activities towards different markets with different interests. Dubrovnik has the potential to become a prestigious destination in this regard. This is a project that needs to be recognized by the entire local community, and it seems to me that it sees potential. Already during the preparations for this conference, I received positive feedback from the community. “, said the director Hrnić and emphasized that digital nomads are mostly financially well-off people, who stay longer in the destination and spend significant funds in it. With their activities and way of life, they would be ambassadors of Dubrovnik and influencers who would spread the image of Dubrovnik all over the world. The director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Ana Hrnić, explained that the Tourist Board recognized the importance of the project in time, which, as she said, strengthens the position of the year-round destination. “Global tourism has experienced a turnaround, many destinations will certainly go in other directions, and it is no longer mass tourism but target groups and other forms of tourism. It is tourism that respects the quality of life. One of our directions there are digital nomads. Croatia has recognized the potential and is introducing visas that will make it easier for nomads to come and stay in the Republic of Croatia”, Said on this occasion the Mayor of Dubrovnik Mato Franković. Thus, Dubrovnik is the first city in Croatia to turn to digital nomads, and the organization of this conference provides an opportunity to present itself to this audience in light of the announced introduction of visas for digital nomads in Croatia. In addition to a comfortable living space, one of the basic prerequisites for the arrival of digital nomads in a destination is the appropriate infrastructure. ”The City of Dubrovnik has signed a contract with the Government of the Republic of Croatia worth 90 million kuna in order to strengthen the Internet in the entire City. I believe there are many benefits to working to get as many digital nomads as possible to our City”, Said also the mayor Franković. The organizer of the announced conference, the founder of the company “Saltwater”, Tanja Polegubic thanked the City of Dubrovnik for accepting the initiative and enabling the holding of this conference, which is a great opportunity for the local community to meet digital nomads. As part of the European Freelance Week (# EFWEEK2020), the Dubrovnik International Conference for Digital Nomads will be held in Lazareti from 16 to 25 October. These are business people who mostly come from the USA and the UK, and in a certain destination they mostly stay for a week, a month or even up to 3 months, while for some it becomes a permanent home. The process of making Croatia the second country in Europe (after Estonia) and the fifth in the world to introduce this type of visa is planned to be completed in early 2021. last_img read more

  • Trump should face harassment allegations under oath

    first_imgThen last week, something changed. Three of Trump’s previous accusers reiterated their allegations against him.A group of more than 50 Democratic congresswomen requested that the House take up an investigation into Trump’s conduct.Eight senators have called on the president to resign over the accusations and seconded the demand for a congressional investigation.Of those, Trump focused his ire on New York U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whom he implied had traded sex for campaign donations.A congressional probe of the allegations against the president remains highly unlikely, at least while both the Senate and House remain under Republican control.But in theory, such an investigation could make a valuable — even crucial — contribution to the ongoing reckoning. Categories: Editorial, OpinionFor months, the national reckoning with sexual harassment and assault orbited President Donald Trump as if around a black hole — intimately connected to a man who nevertheless remained untouched by it. Truth and reconciliation commissions are about storytelling.The goal is to give perpetrators immunity to encourage them to shed light on past crimes, but also to provide victims with a space in which to speak and be heard.Commissions are about emotion, too: Ideally, they allow people on all sides of a conflict to work through their sorrow and resentment in order to heal.It’s impossible to isolate any one cause of the post-Harvey Weinstein wave.But a great deal of it may come from the rage of American women who have been, unknowingly perhaps, waiting for something to give since Trump’s election.The rawness and catharsis of this moment are bound up with year-old frustration over a country that didn’t find the would-be president’s disrespect for women disqualifying.A real reckoning with harassment and assault requires not only figuring out how to prevent misconduct in the future but also coming to terms with Trump.  Ideally, Congress would focus that investigation on how the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault limits opportunity in the workplace, and it would address the allegations against Trump as part of that investigation.Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Crooks, who came together last week at a news conference to return their accusations of the president to the public eye, have all said they would be willing to testify before Congress.Trump should also be given the chance to speak under oath about his interactions with these women and the authenticity of the “Access Hollywood” tape, which he apparently has questioned.There is an important avenue for congressional inquiry here.As New York magazine’s Rebecca Traister writes, the current crisis is not just about sex but also about sexual misconduct toward women at work: both women’s vulnerability to harassment in the workplace and the economic and professional vulnerabilities that result from that harassment.This is a sex-discrimination problem — and Congress should hear from experts as to how to address this pervasive gender inequity. Trump’s behavior is an example.Like many of the powerful men recently exposed as predatory, much of his alleged behavior took place while the women who accuse him were at work or seeking professional guidance.Now, as president, he is the nation’s most powerful at-will employer.center_img Such hearings on workplace harassment could produce concrete benefits in the form of legislative solutions to systems that stack the deck against victims, such as nondisclosure agreements written into employment contracts.But while pointing to Trump as a test case might be politically satisfying, the end goal of that piece of it is less clear.What comes after the investigation?The behavior the president is accused of, especially because voters were aware of the allegations before the election, probably does not constitute an impeachable offense.The answer is that we should think of the hearing as justification in itself, something akin to a truth and reconciliation commission.In societies rebuilding after devastating conflict— notably post-genocide Rwanda and post-apartheid South Africa – such commissions have encouraged both victims and perpetrators to share their experiences and work toward the truth of what took place.It’s an alternative model of justice focused on healing a wounded community rather than punishing the guilty. Congress almost certainly can’t compel the president to testify if he refuses.And even if Trump appeared, he has shown little indication of a capacity for emotional honesty or remorse.The real value of such hearings would come from listening to the stories of the women who have accused him — women whom he has branded as liars and frauds — giving them a chance to speak and be heard apart from his alleged abuse. Testimony under oath before a bipartisan committee would be an anchor to the truth.For that same reason, it would be a step toward rebuilding a world splintered both by the damage of assault and by the presidential attack not just on truth, but on women’s stories.Quinta Jurecic is an associate editor for the Lawfare blog and a member of The Washington Post’s editorial board.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

  • Three Wise Women a better alternative

    first_imgIn recognition of women finding their voices and the holiday season, I submit this thought:Three Wise Women would have asked directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole, brought practical gifts and there would be peace on Earth.Suzanne SchuffertScotiaMore from The Daily Gazette:Schenectady teens accused of Scotia auto theft, chase; Ended in Clifton Park crash, Saratoga Sheriff…EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img

  • Trump undermining FBI to save his skin

    first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionThere are times when all I can say is “You just can’t make it up.” Such is apropos to the release of a wholly partisan GOP memo which charges that the FBI and Department of Justice, both past and present, deceived the FISA court and unscrupulously surveilled a Trump campaign aide, not once, but repeatedly.What appears obvious is the chair of the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, cherry-picked selective classified intelligence information to demean the work of our intelligence people in a manner intended to undercut the Mueller investigation.Shockingly, Nunes, abetted by the White House, released this report despite warnings of FBI Director Wray, who said the memo paints a false narrative of bureau activities. Specifically, Wray, a Trump appointee, said “the FBI has grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.” Over the weekend, Nunes promised more memos. If I read this all correctly, Trump, who seems to aspire to be an autocrat and who has accomplices in Congress, is pulling out all stops to undermine the Mueller investigation. He is willing to mortgage the credibility and reputation of the FBI and the entire intelligence community to save his own skin.As reported in the New York Times, Peter Baker, who has covered the Trump/Russian connection since the campaign, stated that “Trump’s war on the nation’s law enforcement apparatus is unlike anything America has seen in modern times.”I’m uncertain how dangerous this is for our democracy. But, I continue to retain confidence that Special Counsel Mueller, a man of unquestioned integrity, will get to the bottom of this. I’m not confident, however, that our Congress will step up and carry out its constitutional duty.Robert K. CorlissSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Schenectady department heads: Budget cutbacks would further stress already-stretched departmentsSchenectady High School senior class leaders look to salvage sense of normalcyMotorcyclist injured in Thursday afternoon Schenectady crashSchenectady man dies following Cutler Street dirt bike crashSchenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30%last_img read more

  • Mexican migrant caravan is a distraction

    first_imgDespite the move, very few of those migrants are likely to be granted asylum. Many or most will be detained and ultimately deported.It’s easy to lose track of the facts amid the administration’s anti-immigration rhetoric.There’s the exaggerated talk about so-called sanctuary cities (in which immigrant criminals are prosecuted and punished as they are anywhere else); catch-and-release (the policy by which some migrants are allowed to live legally in the United States as they pursue asylum claims); and, yes, the wall, the president’s crowd-pleasing panacea.Nonetheless, the fact remains that illegal entry, as measured by Border Patrol apprehensions along the southwest border, remains near its lowest point in decades, despite a recent surge.Take this March as an example.Apprehensions along the Mexican border more than doubled from a year earlier, when they plummeted following Trump’s inauguration.But they remained less than half the level of a decade ago and an even smaller fraction compared with the years before that. In court papers filed last week, a Mexican woman referred to as “Ms. G.” said her 6-year-old daughter, who is blind, and 4-year-old son had been removed from her shortly after they entered the country at the beginning of March.A Honduran mother identified as Miran said U.S. agents took away her toddler son when they entered the country in February.In both cases, mothers and their children were detained in separate facilities even after presenting birth certificates.In Miran’s case, after a preliminary finding that she faced “credible fear” of returning to her home country.The two remain separated.Tearing apart families is a despicable means of deterrence that will traumatize children and do far more to tarnish America’s image than a couple of hundred migrants waving flags at the border.More from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes The United States has a legitimate interest in border security and in deterring Central American and Mexican migrants from making the risky trip north.It is also legally obligated, under international and U.S. laws, to accept asylum seekers fleeing upheaval and threats in their home countries.It’s fair to warn migrants of the risks they face from human traffickers and other criminals along the northward trek.It’s fair to warn them about their long odds in gaining asylum once they’ve been admitted to the United States.It’s fair to judge asylum seekers on the merits of their circumstances and to deport those whose claims don’t measure up.It’s fair to beef up border security, as successive presidents have done since Sept. 11, 2001.Increasingly, though, the Trump administration has gone further by separating migrant parents and their children.center_img Categories: Editorial, OpinionThe following editorial appeared in The Washington Post:Dramatic images of about 200 Central Americans who arrived Sunday at the Mexican frontier near San Diego after traveling north in a caravan through Mexico are fodder for President Donald Trump’s crusade to frighten Americans into thinking that borders are broken and immigration is out of control.On Tuesday, U.S. officials allowed a second group of about 14 asylum seekers across the border, where their fate will be determined by immigration officials and the courts.last_img read more

  • Warwickshire

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