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  • Tix Now Available to See Jason Ritter & More in David Mamet’s Ghost Stories

    first_imgTickets are now available to see Jason Ritter, Mary McCann, Arliss Howard and more in David Mamet’s Ghost Stories: The Shawl and Prairie du Chien. The Atlantic Theater Company production will begin previews on May 27 and run through June 28. Opening night is set for June 16 at Atlantic Stage 2.Directed by Scott Zigler, the double bill explores the toll of death and murder. The first follows a bereaved woman (McCann) who consults a small-time mystic (Howard) and his apprentice (Ritter) for guidance. The latter takes place on a railroad car as a friendly card game escalates to jealousy and murder.Rounding out the cast are Nate Dendy, Jim Frangione, Henry Kelemen, Jordan Lage and Dereks Thomas.The production will feature set design by Lauren Helpern, costumes by Linda Cho and lighting design by Jeff Croiter. Show Closed This production ended its run on June 28, 2015 Related Shows Ghost Stories: The Shawl and Prairie Du Chien View Commentslast_img read more

  • Cape Plumbago

    first_imgGrowing cape plumbago is like having your own ticket to the butterfly wild kingdom. Not only will you be the proprietor of the daily nectar café, but depending on where you live, you will also celebrate young ones, as this is a host plant for the cassius blue butterfly.This comes from someone who has become a recent butterfly geek, if you will. If you are just a lover of color, then know you will be offered the rarest of blue for the garden from late spring through frost. This means that, whether you grow it as a returning perennial, shrub or treat it as an annual, you can relish the beauty of the sky blue flowers.You might wonder why I am touting it now. The answer is that this South African native plant is tough as nails and a persevering performer, even in the torrid temperatures so prevalent during late August and early September. Botanically speaking, it is known as Plumbago auriculata. Its common names are “leadwort,” which I hate; “plumbago,” which is OK; and “cape plumbago,” which I like best.The cape plumbago was chosen as a Texas Superstar plant in 2005, meaning it was promoted from the citrus area of the Lower Rio Grande Valley to the far north reaches of the Texas Panhandle. This also demonstrates that it can be grown in just about any good draining soil with most any pH. We are growing ours at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historic Bamboo Farm as a 36-inch tall shrub in full sun. It blooms on new growth and it will reward you with more blooms when you feel the need to shape it or prune lanky growth.They are very tolerable of a partial-sun environment. We have experienced 18 and 22 degrees Fahrenheit in two of the three winters since I’ve been here, and our cape plumbagos have rebounded nicely. Most sources promote zone8b root hardiness, those in slightly colder zones are finding success with an added layer of mulch in the winter. Don’t forget that you can grow this rare-colored beauty as a terrific annual, too.The sky blue color of the cape plumbago offers many choice partnerships, whether in mixed containers or in the garden. Over the years, I’ve seen them grown artistically with pink wave petunias. My favorite may be to see them combined with the rustic orange of the ‘Beyond Paradise’ copper plant or the fairly new ‘Campfire’ coleus. There is just something special about this blue and copper combination. In much of the Savannah, Georgia, area, deer have become way more than a nuisance, and it gives me great happiness to say the cape plumbago is not on their menu. We grow ours with the yellow shrimp plant, Justicia brandegeeana, and ‘Black and Blue’ salvia, Salvia guaranitica, which are also both deer resistant. In the last few days, we’ve had the cassius blue butterfly laying eggs, as well as various swallowtails and yellow, cloudless sulphur butterflies, which seems to be nature’s version of the complementary color scheme. We have also seen the hummingbird clearwing, a member of the hawk moth family.There is one last plumbago I want to mention. Doctorbush is known botanically as Plumbago scandens. It is native to Arizona, Florida and Texas, and you occasionally find it or the named selection, ‘Summer Snow,’ at specialty garden centers. When I was the director of the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, it fulfilled its mission, bringing in all sorts of butterflies, including the cassius blue. Rare color, butterflies, deer resistance and summerlong performance are strong attributes of the award-winning cape plumbago. I hope you will give it a try and see if you agree that it is great value for your landscape dollar.Follow me on Twitter @CGBGgardenguru. For more information about the Coastal Botanical Gardens, go to read more

  • Fridays on the Fly: What To Ask When Shopping For Trophy Trout

    first_imgFor fly fishers this side of Alaska, the most likely place to do battle with trout approaching 30 inches is on private trophy water. But depending on the experience you’re looking for, not all trophy waters are created equal. There are questions to ask before dropping a few hundred bucks on a trophy trip.Is the stream fishable year-round?This is a loaded question. Rather than asking about seasonal availability, you’re probing to determine health of the fishery.Many streams in our region have water conditions unsuitable for trout, especially during the heat of summer. This is exacerbated when a stream is stocked with trout in numbers and sizes that far exceed its carrying capacity.If all you want is to catch big fish, this shouldn’t matter. If you’re looking for an experience that’s a little more true to life, find a fishery where trout would thrive without help from humans.What’s your stocking program?There aren’t many trophy waters without a stocking program. Whether it’s to supplement populations of wild trout or to create a whole new fishery, managers typically add trout to keep customers happy.Some operations stock heavily with fish grown to trophy size at a hatchery. Many times, these are sterile triploid trout. Triploids grow quickly and fight hard. They do not, however, have the sleek and colorful appearance of wild trout.Other trophy streams take advantage of existing populations of stream-born trout by feeding and growing them. Such management might also include limited stockings. These fisheries don’t typically grow as many huge trout, but some anglers like the idea—and the looks—of big fish that were raised in the stream.What about feeding?“Supplemental feeding” is a subjective concept. Some managers distribute as much trout chow as their fish will eat in order to grow them as large and as quickly as possible. Others use feedings sparingly to supplement a natural diet.One way or the other, trout in this part of the world don’t consistently grow huge without nutritional help. The trade-off for a stream with scads of enormous trout is the tendency for those trout to disregard natural feeding behaviors. On the other hand, trout keyed on tiny midge larvae are more challenging than those looking for brown pellets.How is the fishing regulated?With private water, it’s possible to limit fishing pressure and enforce catch-and-release regulations. Fish stay in the water and grow large. They can also grow wise.The better trophy streams devise systems to limit pressure, which means the fish will be healthier and a little less wary.Those are some questions to ask when shopping for a trip on private trophy waters. If you’re wondering who to ask, drop by your local fly shop. Even if they don’t run trophy trips, they’ll know about trophy operations in the area.Nick Carter is the author of “Flyfisher’s Guide to North Carolina & Georgia.” It is available on, and autographed copies are available by emailing the author at read more

  • Colombia Arrests Leaders of Submarine Cocaine Ring

    first_img “As a result of an investigation of more than six years, the national police captured two of those responsible for sending cocaine to North America using self-propelled, semi-submersible vessels, with (shipments) averaging 20 tons of drugs annually,” the police said in a statement. Colombian authorities have captured two leaders of a 20-ton-per-year cocaine operation that sent drug-laden submarines to the United States, local police said on 3 August. By Dialogo August 04, 2011 Colombia, where drug traffickers take advantage of dense jungles and forests and a weak state presence in some areas, has received millions of dollars in aid from Washington to fight cocaine output, leftist rebels and cartels. Colombia’s new criminal gangs – made up of a kaleidoscope of former paramilitary commanders, ex-cartel members and others – ship tons of cocaine monthly through Central America and Mexico to the United States and to a lesser extent to Europe.last_img read more

  • Why analytics is a credit union industry opportunity

    first_img 86SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Austin Wentzlaff Austin J. Wentzlaff joined OnApproach in 2013 as a Business Development Analyst and is now currently Director of Business Development. He is responsible for developing marketing strategies, driving prospects to … Web: Details Analytics has been a prevalent topic for many years but never more prevalent in the credit union industry than it is today.  Just a few years ago, the topic hardly came up, but in 2017, it’s hard to find a credit union not talking about, or planning and budgeting for a proper analytics solution.  This excitement about analytics has gathered widespread attention, involving industries, companies, and individuals new to the field of analytics.Now that there is a lot of buzz around the topic, it is important to understand whose challenge, but more importantly, whose opportunity analytics is.  Analytics is the credit unions’ opportunity.  Not just one individual credit union, but all credit unions – the industry or movement.Credit unions need to understand the value of their data, not just as one credit union’s data, but the value of all credit union data.  Alone, as a single credit union, how do we compete with U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, and Citi Group, not to mention the FinTechs like SoFi?  We can’t.  The answer to our biggest challenges is something that is inherent to the credit union industry – collaboration.  While we might not be able to fully execute on analytics alone, we can do it together – as ONE.One of the best things that the credit union industry has ever formed is the Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO).  Doug Petersen, President/CEO of Workers Credit Union says it best:“[CUSOs] provide a means to an end – allowing credit unions the capability to fulfill the financial needs of their members in a cost effective environment through efficient delivery channels.  Plus, they attract the brightest and most innovative minds to the board table, bringing best practices of credit unions across the country, which is a priceless experience.” The CUSO model is exactly what the credit union industry needs in order to tackle the analytics challenge and take advantage of the opportunity.  CUSOs leverage the power of collaboration that already exist within the industry to offer several benefits such as:Economies of ScaleEconomies of scale are achieved when a company produces goods and services on a larger scale while simultaneously lowering average input costs.  CUSOs achieve economies of scale by producing goods or services for several credit unions rather than having a single credit union attempt to replicate the same benefit.  By utilizing the power of collaboration, CUSOs can specialize on a given product or service, which enables them to provide higher-value products and services at a much lower cost.Competitive AdvantageCUSOs offer credit unions the ability to remain competitive by improving efficiencies and producing a wider array of products and services that would be unobtainable without CUSO collaboration.  They enable credit unions to acquire scale and market power along with other resources, such as capital and staff that far exceed their individual sizes.  For example, an analytics solution can take about three years to build and has an initial cost of about $2,000,000 with an additional cost of $200,000 per year to support. With a CUSO; however, credit unions can get the same solution for less than $50,000 upfront and only $40,000 per year to support.Multiple Credit Union PerspectivesThe collaboration of several owners spurs more innovative products and services because there are several different viewpoints, many of which are from the most innovative minds in the industry.  Unlike most other vendors in the credit union space, CUSOs have board members and owners that represent the industry as a whole.  “There can be some overlap with the credit union, but the management team can’t be 100% the same,” says Guy Messick, Attorney/Partner at Messick & Lauer and General Counsel to NACUSO.  This is incredibly beneficial because there are more minds contributing to what’s best for the industry.For Credit Unions, by Credit UnionsOwners of CUSOs are, themselves, credit unions. Therefore, it is in their best interest to do what is best for credit unions.  Rather than focusing solely on profit, CUSOs also focus on the overall well-being of credit unions and their members.  Credit unions, not shareholders, are in control of the CUSO’s product development roadmap and the CUSOs deliver on the roadmaps by leveraging expertise of credit union executives.  Using ideas from the best and the brightest in the industry, both large and small credit unions, ensures best practices are shared and practiced. This results in the best products and services available for the industry. OwnershipThis is easily the most important aspect of a CUSO, especially as it pertains to data and analytics.  WHO OWNS THE DATA and WHO OWNS THE TECHNOLOGY – it needs to be the credit union industry.   When, or if, credit unions start to give away their data and/or the technology that effectively stores, mines, and utilizes their data, they not only give away the value of their data, but they also give away what makes them who they are – their members.  When we start to give away our member data, we start to give away our members.  This industry must hold onto our most important asset, our members.  Which in 2017 and beyond, is their data and the technology required to leverage that data.For all of the reasons above, the CUSO is the only way credit unions can successfully execute on analytics.  Credit unions must realize that this is much bigger than one credit union.  This is an industry opportunity and it many ways, analytics, and digital transformation, is the demise, or prosperous future for credit unions – in all hopes, the latter.  last_img read more

  • Trump should face harassment allegations under oath

    first_imgThen last week, something changed. Three of Trump’s previous accusers reiterated their allegations against him.A group of more than 50 Democratic congresswomen requested that the House take up an investigation into Trump’s conduct.Eight senators have called on the president to resign over the accusations and seconded the demand for a congressional investigation.Of those, Trump focused his ire on New York U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whom he implied had traded sex for campaign donations.A congressional probe of the allegations against the president remains highly unlikely, at least while both the Senate and House remain under Republican control.But in theory, such an investigation could make a valuable — even crucial — contribution to the ongoing reckoning. Categories: Editorial, OpinionFor months, the national reckoning with sexual harassment and assault orbited President Donald Trump as if around a black hole — intimately connected to a man who nevertheless remained untouched by it. Truth and reconciliation commissions are about storytelling.The goal is to give perpetrators immunity to encourage them to shed light on past crimes, but also to provide victims with a space in which to speak and be heard.Commissions are about emotion, too: Ideally, they allow people on all sides of a conflict to work through their sorrow and resentment in order to heal.It’s impossible to isolate any one cause of the post-Harvey Weinstein wave.But a great deal of it may come from the rage of American women who have been, unknowingly perhaps, waiting for something to give since Trump’s election.The rawness and catharsis of this moment are bound up with year-old frustration over a country that didn’t find the would-be president’s disrespect for women disqualifying.A real reckoning with harassment and assault requires not only figuring out how to prevent misconduct in the future but also coming to terms with Trump.  Ideally, Congress would focus that investigation on how the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault limits opportunity in the workplace, and it would address the allegations against Trump as part of that investigation.Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Crooks, who came together last week at a news conference to return their accusations of the president to the public eye, have all said they would be willing to testify before Congress.Trump should also be given the chance to speak under oath about his interactions with these women and the authenticity of the “Access Hollywood” tape, which he apparently has questioned.There is an important avenue for congressional inquiry here.As New York magazine’s Rebecca Traister writes, the current crisis is not just about sex but also about sexual misconduct toward women at work: both women’s vulnerability to harassment in the workplace and the economic and professional vulnerabilities that result from that harassment.This is a sex-discrimination problem — and Congress should hear from experts as to how to address this pervasive gender inequity. Trump’s behavior is an example.Like many of the powerful men recently exposed as predatory, much of his alleged behavior took place while the women who accuse him were at work or seeking professional guidance.Now, as president, he is the nation’s most powerful at-will employer.center_img Such hearings on workplace harassment could produce concrete benefits in the form of legislative solutions to systems that stack the deck against victims, such as nondisclosure agreements written into employment contracts.But while pointing to Trump as a test case might be politically satisfying, the end goal of that piece of it is less clear.What comes after the investigation?The behavior the president is accused of, especially because voters were aware of the allegations before the election, probably does not constitute an impeachable offense.The answer is that we should think of the hearing as justification in itself, something akin to a truth and reconciliation commission.In societies rebuilding after devastating conflict— notably post-genocide Rwanda and post-apartheid South Africa – such commissions have encouraged both victims and perpetrators to share their experiences and work toward the truth of what took place.It’s an alternative model of justice focused on healing a wounded community rather than punishing the guilty. Congress almost certainly can’t compel the president to testify if he refuses.And even if Trump appeared, he has shown little indication of a capacity for emotional honesty or remorse.The real value of such hearings would come from listening to the stories of the women who have accused him — women whom he has branded as liars and frauds — giving them a chance to speak and be heard apart from his alleged abuse. Testimony under oath before a bipartisan committee would be an anchor to the truth.For that same reason, it would be a step toward rebuilding a world splintered both by the damage of assault and by the presidential attack not just on truth, but on women’s stories.Quinta Jurecic is an associate editor for the Lawfare blog and a member of The Washington Post’s editorial board.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristslast_img read more

  • New Zealand ends COVID-19 free run

    first_imgThe pair were released early from government quarantine and permitted to drive from the city of Auckland to Wellington, the capital – nearly 650km away – before being diagnosed or even tested, health officials said. Their trip was an approved exemption from the mandatory isolation period for new arrivals to the country in order to visit a dying parent. The women had “done everything right” and had not put other members of the public at risk, said Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand’s director-general of health, on Tuesday. (The Guardian) WELLINGTON – New Zealand has recorded its first new cases of coronavirus for 24 days after two women who arrived in the country from Britain were found to be infected.center_img Dr. Ashley Bloomfield speaks after two new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in New Zealand after 24 days without an active case in the country. HOPKINS/GETTY IMAGES last_img read more

  • Oyo Unity Cup ends in grand style, Ogo Oluwa/Surelere emerge champions

    first_imgRelatedPosts Minister gives condition for resumption of contact sports Minister pledges support for development of AI, robotics in Nigeria NSF 2020: Sports minister raises fresh hope The pioneer Oyo Unity Cup, which is the brainchild of the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, has ended with so many talking points as young footballers thrilled the fans with good football artistry at the Liberty Stadium in Ibadan, Oyo State. The aim of the competition is the discovery young talents in football for national and international exports. Speaking at the event, the Minister thanked all who contributed to the success of the maiden event and said it signals more good things to come in Sports. Dare said: “It’s never too late. “We have started and we will keep improving on Unity Cups across the Federation to ensure this goes across different states to enable us catch young talents. “Some of the talents that were discovered are indeed skillful. “I am impressed with what I have seen and this has spurred me to do more knowing that there are lots of talents undiscovered across the Federation.” Fans were also thrilled to catch a glimpse of some of their favourite ex-internationals. Leading the pack was Daniel “The Bull” Amokachi, former Everton Football player, accompanied by the the newly appointed Assistant Coach of the Super Eagles, Joseph Yobo; Mutiu Adepoju, the Nigerian LaLiga Ambassador and former player of Real Sociedad in Spain; and Ike Shorounmu, former Super Eagles goalkeeper. The fans were excited to have these football Legend gather in their town to be part of the finals of the Oyo Unity Cup. It was Ogo Oluwa Surelere Constituency of Ogbomosho who won the finals of the Oyo Unity Cup with 1-0 scoreline. The goal was scored by Olalekan Oyetunde, who happened to be the best player of the tournament. The highest goal scorer of the tournament went to Friday Michael from Ogoluwa/Surelere Federal Constituency and the fair play award went to Ibadan North Federal Constituency. Best goal keeper of the tournament went to Yusuf Adewale from Nigeria Union of Journalists team, with Oyetunde Olalenkan from Ogoluwa/Surelere Federal Constituency voted the most valuable player of the tournament. Other notable dignitaries in attendance were Festus Adegboye Onigbinde, former Super Eagles Coach; Senator Abiola Ajimobi, former Governor of Oyo State; and the FA Chairmen of Ondo, Ogun and Oyo States.Tags: Oyo Unity CupSunday DareSurulereUnity Cupslast_img read more

  • Sterling: We lacked concentration

    first_img Defender Kolo Toure’s error playing out from the back led to the Baggies’ second-half equaliser but the Reds’ failure to capitalise on Daniel Sturridge’s 14th Premier League goal of the season was just as much at fault. Sterling was busy against the Baggies, having a hand in the goal, but not necessarily hugely productive and that was reflected throughout the whole side with just three shots on target against a team only one point above the relegation zone. The draw meant the four-point cushion opened up by last week’s Merseyside derby win was cut back to two as Everton beat Aston Villa on Saturday. With Arsenal the visitors to Anfield this weekend, the grip Brendan Rodgers’ team have on fourth place could well slip but Sterling is confident they can hold on to their position by continuing to do what they have all season. “The manager told us that we tried to play football and that’s the most important thing,” he told “It’s just one of those games where we lacked a little bit of concentration and they got back into it. “Hopefully we can cut the mistakes out of our game and be right up there at the end of the season. We’ll just pick up and go again for the next game. “I still think we’re right up there. We just need to take the game step by step and hopefully get the three points each week. “Hopefully we can be right up there at the end of the season.” Rodgers has no intention of discouraging his players, particularly his defenders, from passing and with that in mind the return of centre-back Daniel Agger, sidelined with a calf problem for another couple of weeks, cannot come soon enough. “I don’t think you can argue with the defence, I thought we looked really solid,” said the Reds boss. “Up until the goal we were fine, we had total control of the game and didn’t look troubled whatsoever. “Will I ever ask a player when he is maybe 20 yards in space to never accept the ball – never. That is how we play and hopefully it is an exciting way to play. “Sometimes it will hurt us but it wasn’t so much the playing out from the back, it was more the decision-making. “These players, especially defenders, have the courage to play. “You (the media) will be the same guys at World Cups talking about British players not being able to play football and you wonder why. “Of course sometimes you have to go longer in your build-up but it is not forced upon them, it is just decision-making.” West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster, who made crucial saves from Luis Suarez and Sturridge in the second half, took confidence from a point which could be vital considering how tight things are at the foot of the table. “The results on Saturday didn’t go in our favour,” he told “After a first-half performance that wasn’t the best, it was important to come out and get something and we did that. “Any point against the top five or six teams in this division is probably a welcome point. “You can’t look too much at other people when you’re in a dogfight. You’ve got to look at yourself and concentrate on getting your own results and that’s what we’ll do.” Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling insists dropped points from the 1-1 draw at West Brom have not damaged their top-four bid and they will continue to play their way to the Champions League. Press Associationlast_img read more

  • Update on the latest sports

    first_imgUNDATED (AP) — Udoka Azubuike (oo-DOH’-kah az-ah-BOO’-kay) showed no signs of the ankle injury he suffered in Saturday’s win over Kansas State.The center was his dominant self for top-ranked Kansas tonight, scoring a career-high 31 points on 13 of 14 shooting and grabbing 14 rebounds in a 75-66 victory against TCU. Azubuike also had five blocks in helping the Jayhawks capture at least a share of their 62nd regular-season conference title.Devon Dotson finished with 18 points and finished the game despite suffering an ankle injury in the second half.They can win the Big 12 title outright with a win at Texas Tech on Saturday or a Baylor loss at West Virginia.In other top-25 finals: NFL-PANTHERS-CHARGERS TRADEPanthers, Chargers swap Pro Bowl linemenCHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A person with knowledge of the deal tells The Associated Press that the Carolina Panthers have agreed to acquire two-time Pro Bowl left tackle Russell Okung from the Los Angeles Chargers for five-time Pro Bowl guard Trai Turner.Okung has spent the past three seasons with the Chargers and fills a need at left tackle that the Panthers have had ever since Michael Oher (ohr) retired in 2016. The 32-year-old Okung played in six games last year and did not allow a sack.The 26-year-old Turner has been a mainstay at guard for the Panthers since he was drafted in the third round in 2014. — Missouri-Kansas City has joined Chicago State in not traveling to Seattle for regularly scheduled Western Athletic Conference men’s basketball games amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.— All sporting events in Italy will take place without fans present for at least the next month due to the virus outbreak in the country.MLB-NEWSBauer reveling in tipped pitches attentionUNDATED (AP) — Cincinnati Reds hurler Trevor Bauer thinks his decision to tip pitches for a Dodgers batter during a spring training game and the resulting attention are good for baseball. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNBA-SCHEDULEGreek Freak leads BucksUNDATED (AP) — The Milwaukee Bucks have avoided their first losing streak of the season. March 4, 2020 NASCAR-DAYTONADaytona tweaks Speedweeks, moves Clash onto road courseUNDATED (AP) — NASCAR will hit the road for its first race in 2021, part of a schedule shakeup that starts at Daytona International Speedway.The track announced several changes that include running the exhibition Busch Clash on the 3.56-mile road course that winds through the Daytona infield and packing seven races as well as Daytona 500 pole qualifying into a six-day span. The tweaks eliminate two traditional “dark days” at the track during Speedweeks leading up to the season-opening Daytona 500.NASCAR teams have pushed for a shorter season for years, arguing that the 12-week offseason is too short. Giannis Antetokounmpo (YAH’-nihs an-teh-toh-KOON’-poh) had a double-double and the Bucks bounced back from Monday’s loss at Miami by topping the Pacers, 119-100. Antetokounmpo had 29 points, 12 rebounds and six assists for Milwaukee, which recovered after squandering an early 22-point lead.Khris Middleton had 20 points and Donte DiVincenzo matched a career high with 19 as the Bucks improved to a league-best 53-9.Checking out Wednesday’s other NBA action:— Jayson Tatum dropped in 32 points and the Celtics overcame Collin Sexton’s career-high 41 points to beat the Cavaliers, 112-106. Semi Ojeleye scored a career-high 22 points for Boston, which played without injured starter Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward due to injuries.— The Heat hit a franchise-record 22 3-pointers in their 116-113 win over the Magic. Duncan Robinson scored 27 points, all of them coming from beyond the arc. The NCAA has announced that the school’s request to have the infraction case resolved through the Independent Accountability Resolution Process had been granted.Wiseman was suspended by the NCAA for 12 games early this season after his family received $11,500 from former Memphis player and current Tigers coach Penny Hardaway. The money assisted in family moving expenses from Nashville to Memphis in 2017 while Hardaway was a booster for the Tigers’ basketball program.Wiseman left the school in December.NHL-SCHEDULEFlyers get 7th straight win The man is identified only as John Doe and has accused the university of failing to remove the doctor despite complaints about him.BASEBALL-MINORS-CONGRESSHouse committee vote on the MinorsWASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. comptroller general will study baseball’s minor leagues, which are trying to fend off a contraction proposal from major league clubs.The House Oversight and Reform Committee approved legislation that calls on the comptroller to “evaluate the social, economic, and historic contributions that minor league baseball has made to American life and culture.” Major League Baseball and the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues are trying to fend off a contraction proposal from major league clubs. — Mitch Ballock made a season-high seven 3-pointers and finished with 20 points as 11th-ranked Creighton hammered Georgetown, 91-76. Marcus Zegarowski had 20 points and eight assists for the Bluejays, who were 17 of 33 in 3-point attempts after hitting just 4 of 27 in Sunday’s loss at St. John’s.— Texas A&M pulled off a 78-75 upset of 17th-ranked Auburn behind Josh Nebo, who scored 17 of his 19 points in the second half. Wendell Mitchell added 14 points and a key 3-pointer to help the Aggies pick up their fifth league road win.MEMPHIS-NCAAMemphis’ NCAA case goes to independent investigation armUNDATED (AP) — Memphis will go through the NCAA’s new independent investigation arm in a case involving the recruitment of star basketball player James Wiseman. The sanctioning body is expected to make significant changes to its 2021 schedule, which could include more short tracks, mid-week races and double-headers.UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-DOCTOREx-wrestler sues University of Michigan over doc’s assaultsDETROIT (AP) — A college wrestler from the 1980s has sued the University of Michigan, alleging that a doctor molested him dozens of times despite the university knowing that he was a threat to athletes.The lawsuit is the first since victims of late Dr. Robert E. Anderson began to emerge two weeks ago. In other NHL news:— The Ottawa Senators have fired CEO Jim Little less than two months after he took the job, saying his conduct was “inconsistent” with the core values of the team and the NHL. The 55-year-old Little said in a statement to media outlets that the reasons for his dismissal were simply the result of a heated disagreement with owner Eugene Melnyk in a phone call on Feb. 14. Little admits to using strong language during his phone with Melnyk, words for which he says he later apologized.VIRUS OUTBREAK-SPORTSNHL limits employee travel over virus concernsUNDATED (AP) — The NHL is not allowing its employees to make work-related trips outside of North America in response to the global fears over the coronavirus. And the league has told its 31 teams they are free to adopt a similar policy. Associated Press NHL-NEWS-ISLANDERS-BOYCHUKIsles’ Boychuk gets 90 stitches after taking skate to faceNEW YORK (AP) — The New York Islanders say defenseman Johnny Boychuk needed 90 stitches to his eyelid after being hit in the face with a skate but suffered no damage to his eye.Boychuk was cut Tuesday night when he was hit by Artturi Lehkonen’s skate as the Montreal Canadiens left wing fell forward. Both players were in front of the Islanders’ net during the third period when Lehkonen fell, causing his legs to go into the air and his right skate to connect with Boychuk under the visor. Boychuk was down on the ice briefly before he got up and skated off the ice with his hand covering his face.There is no timetable for his return. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said Wednesday that if any employees go on their own to a country where the virus has been found they will be quarantined before being able to return to work. That includes the central scouting service. Scouts who are in Europe are staying in Europe, and if they return to North America they will be quarantined.Bettman said the NHL is in regular communication with the other three major North American sports leagues, as well as health experts in both the U.S. and Canada.In other virus-related developments:— Despite worldwide concern and speculation about whether the fast-spreading virus outbreak will affect the Tokyo Olympics, the IOC’s leadership is not joining in the debate. International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach told reporters “neither the word cancellation nor the word postponement was even mentioned” at a board meeting he chaired in Lausanne, Switzerland.— The Pittsburgh Pirates have given their Florida spring training home a deep clean as a proactive measure after a man in Manatee County tested positive for coronavirus The outspoken starter signaled pitches to Matt Beaty during a game on Tuesday. Bauer flicked his glove toward the catcher, signaling a fastball was coming. Beatty eventually lined out to center field.Bauer has been openly critical of the Houston Astros over their sign stealing in 2017 and 2018.In other MLB news:— Giants right-hander Tyler Beede (BEE’-dee) is seeking a second opinion on his injured throwing elbow. Beede left an exhibition game after one inning on Tuesday with tightness in his elbow. The Giants said Wednesday that an MRI showed he has a flexor strain and a UCL sprain.— Federal authorities say a New York sports gambler is facing federal charges in Florida related to threatening social media messages sent to players with the Rays and other professional sports teams. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa announced a charge of transmitting threats in interstate or foreign commerce against Benjamin Tucker Patz, who faces up to five years in federal prison. In many messages, Patz threatened to enter the athletes’ homes and behead them or their family members, the FBI said. — The Jazz cruised to their third straight win as Donovan Mitchell and Bojan Bogdanovic each provided 23 points in a 112-104 downing of the Knicks. Rudy Gobert had 18 points and 14 rebounds as Utah climbed within a half-game of the Rockets for fourth place in the Western Conference.— The Thunder wasted a 16-point, second-half lead before Danilo Gallinari (dah-NIH’-loh gah-lih-NAHR’-ee) made a crucial 3-pointer in the final minute of Oklahoma City’s 114-107 triumph over the Pistons. Shai Gilgeous (shay GIHL’-juhs)-Alexander scored 27 points as the Thunder ended a two-game skid.— Josh Jackson scored 19 points and the Grizzlies ran away from the Nets in the second half of a 118-79 blowout at Brooklyn. Tyus Jones added 18 points as Memphis won its third in a row.T25 MEN’S BASKETBALL-SCHEDULEKansas fends off TCU UNDATED (AP) — Just one point separates the first-place Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL’s Metropolitan Division.The Flyers closed the gap and picked up their seventh straight win by whipping the Caps, 5-2 in Washington. Travis Konecny (kah-NEHK’-nee) sparked a 10-minute stretch in which Philadelphia scored three times to take a 3-1 lead in the second period. Konecny beat Braden Holtby just 71 seconds after the Flyers had a goal disallowed.Kevin Hayes and Ivan Proforov each had a goal and an assist to back Brian Elliott, who turned back 25 shots.The Capitals are 4-7-1 in their last 11 games.The Flyers finished the game without James van Riemsdyk (REEMZ’-dyk) because of a right hand injury. Coach Alain Vigneault (VEEN’-yoh) said on the TV broadcast that van Riemsdyk had X-rays and “it doesn’t look real good.” Update on the latest sportslast_img read more